4 Earlier Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

4 Earlier Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

What Men Need To Know: 4 Earlier Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes has long been considered as the most serious health problems leading to any other serious complications that take a toll. In dealing with the problem of high blood sugar level, signs and symptoms of diabetes may be vary from men and women, but they both exhibit the similar signs and symptoms that need to be aware of. Since the focus discussion is engaged with diabetes in men, this following brief explanation will deal with signs and symptoms of diabetes among men. As men know about it earlier, they will not lose their life expectancy and they can live healthier.

4 earlier signs and symptoms of diabetes that men need to know

1.Problem with erectile dysfunction

Among many signs and symptoms of diabetes, erectile dysfunction indicates that the men have high blood sugar level. This problem is due to the damage of blood nerves and vessels so that most men with diabetes complain about the reducing ability to maintain the erection during sex. A study dealing with this symptom says that approximately 20-75% of men around 45 years old or younger with diabetes will experience erectile dysfunction.

2.Retrograde ejaculation

Of signs and symptoms of diabetes, retrograde ejaculation becomes the potential symptom among diabetic men. A man with retrograde ejaculation will not capable of producing more semen, since it is released into bladder so that no wonder if it associates with fertility among men. The major cause of this problem is due to the damage of certain nerve that controls ejaculation and semen movement.

3.Urine and bladder issues

Urinary problem among men is also considered as signs and symptoms of diabetes. Since the damaged nerves increase, many problems such as overactive bladder and lack of ability to control urine are the common issues which are experienced by men. In particular, the problems deal with the leakage of the urine because the nerves squeeze the bladder and the damaged nerves to control the urine in the bladder. Thus, the unstable blood sugar level should be taken into careful consideration to prevent from damaged reproduction system.

4.Frequent urination

One of these signs and symptoms of diabetes may be experienced both men and women. Known as polyuria, this condition is the symptom of high blood sugar level that can be indicated by the unusual frequency of going to the bathroom. As this problem gets worsened, men with diabetes will go to rest room to pee in the midst of the night. Such symptom is caused by the excessive sugar in the bloodstream and this makes the kidneys work overtime to expel the urine.

There are so many signs and symptoms of diabetes experienced by men as mentioned above. If you notice about these symptoms, it is strongly suggested to discuss with your personal doctor. As result, the doctor will perform the HbA1c test to know about the blood sugar level. Fortunately, if you can manage your diet and go for regular exercise, it is likely to have your blood sugar level remains constant. So, let’s start to have healthy lifestyle.

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