4 Frequent Signs You Might Be Diabetic

4 Frequent Signs You Might Be Diabetic: Most People Not Even Realize About Them

Diabetes that associates with high blood sugar level is such a life-threatening disease in all over the world. To surprise you, most of people who are likely to inhibit this health problem do not realize at all, since diabetes do not show obvious symptoms unless you have undergone prick test for diabetics. Center for Disease Control and Prevention releases the data that shows of 30 million people it is sad that approximately 25% of US people are not aware of being diabetic. This condition is worsened as the of 84 million America adults, 90% do not recognize that they going through life with a full-blown chronic diabetes. To deal with it, you have to know about signs you might be diabetic as presented below.

Top 4 common signs you might be diabetic

  • You go restroom for peeing day and night

When it deals with signs you might be diabetic the frequent urination has been thought to be the initial symptom of being diabetic. It is said so, since the excessive blood sugar in the bloodstream is always end up with the excessive urine loss, according to an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic, Mary Vouyiouklis Kellis , MD. If you find yourself to go toilet for take a whiz during the night with no specific reason, it can be inferred that your blood sugar level remains unstable.

  • You feel thirsty all the time

As you notice to have excessive urination all the time, it will lead to dehydration, as result. Unfortunately, most people with diabetes do not realize one of these signs you might be diabetic and they tend to quench their thirst with more sugary beverages such as juice or soda. According to Goundan, this greatly affects to the high blood sugar level. He, then added that dark-colored urine which is accompanied by the excessive thirst and end up excessive water consumption is such a potential symptom that people should confirm it to the doctor.

  • Your breath smells bad

One of the signs you might be diabetic is the bad breath, since diabetes-related dehydration is associate with dry mouth. As what Kellis said that to those who experience breath bad is also related to the dry mouth that the bacteria causing unbalanced pH in the mouth would not be washed away due to limited amount of saliva. In addition, when the undiagnosed symptom remains untreated, it will lead to the ketosis in which body will not use glucose but fat to produce the energy and this produces ketones causing unpleasant smell of your breath.

  • You need appropriate glasses

Blurry vision is also considered to be the signs you might be diabetic that people should be aware of. When this vision problem happens to you, it is because of the excessive fluids in the eyes’ lens that contains of high sugar. In addition, this problem also leads to the nearsightedness problem that people with this problem will cause the people to see optometrist for the new glasses or contacts. To deal with it, you can manage the blood sugar level, so that the blurred vision is no longer happen.

So many signs you might be diabetic do people not understand and they think that it is such a normal problem. This is the reason why people regret when being diagnosed with diabetes and they work hard all the time to stabilize the blood sugar level. Thus, if you notice the unusual changes on yourself that presumably lead to diabetes, make sure to see doctor soon.