9 Primary Signs of Diabetes in Men

9 Primary Signs of Diabetes in Men

9 Primary Signs of Diabetes in Men – Diabetes is a kind of long term diseases signed by the increasing of sugar blood or glucose above the normal. In nature, the glucose basically is very important for human’s health as it is the main source of energy. But if it is getting too much, it is surely terrible since it gives many health problems and complications.

The men have the high risk for diabetes for their bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. A survey conducted by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) states that only 30% of male patients have enough information related to this disease. Meanwhile, there are only around 20% of them who have applied the healthy consumption pattern based on their current conditions. When the information is not known, the patients tend to not know the signs or symptoms leads on diabetes mellitus. Well, in general, the symptoms of this disease particularly for the men are as follow.

Easily Thirsty

Sometimes, someone feels so thirsty and even his mouth cavity feels dry. Indeed, it doesn’t always mean that the diabetes is on him. In fact, people with hard exercises and activities tend to experience this feeling also. What you need to be aware is when the thirsty is coming too often even in a condition when you are drinking too much. this feeling is caused by the high level of sugar blood that absorbs the water continuously from the tissues. The dehydrated body is more potential to suffer the polydipsia. This is a condition when someone feels extremely thirsty which is as the early symptom of diabetes.

Easily Hungry

Insulin has an important role to distribute the sugar to cells. When the body is lacking from insulin, it tends to make the muscles and organs weaker. The brain suggests the energy deficiency is due to the lack of daily consumption. Then, it sends a hungry signal so that the patient tends to eat or snack more often. This condition is namely Poliphagia. It is when someone feels so much hungry as a symptom of diabetes.

Easily Urinate

In the normal condition, you may urinate too often when you drink too much as well. As a consequence that you are drinking often as being mentioned in the point above, you may easily urinate as well. This condition along with the big volume of urine is named poliuria. Normal adults excrete approximately one to two liters of urine per day. When it is more than that, it can be another symptom of diabetes. Don’t ignore a condition when you want to pee very often particularly at night. If it leads on dehydration, further complication can be suffered particularly in the kidney.

Drastic Weight Loss

Although the appetite is increased, the patient of diabetes increases its weight generally. When someone grows up, the weight tends to be stable in a normal condition. The decrease and increase up to 5 kilograms is still categorized as normal and healthy. However, be aware if the loss is up to 5% from your normal weight. It can be a sign that the glucose metabolism has been disturbed and it makes the body uses anything as the “fuel” including the muscles and fat. That’s why; the patients of diabetes commonly look so skinny.

Abnormal Weak and Tired

The lack of sugar causes the feeling of tired since the energy is used up. The body metabolism is also slowed down since the body burns up muscle and fat as it is explained above. When this condition is going on continuously in a long time, you may feel extremely weak and tired. Your activities can just be disturbed anyway.

Severe Infection

Many people realize that they are suffered from diabetes when there is wound on their skin. Unfortunately, the wound is not healed as fast as normal people and even it causes severe infection. The worse thing is when the part with wound must be amputated. How can it be? The high level of glucose damages the blood, lessens the supply of blood, and narrows the vessels. For the prevention mainly if you have know of being suffered from diabetes, be careful in your daily activities and keep and treat your skin well to prevent any wound appearance.

Darkened Skin

The patients of diabetes mellitus type 2 have other characteristics. It is that the skin becomes darkened or spotted. More than that, the skin also feels more delicate with unusual folds throughout the body mainly armpits and neck. This condition is known as Acanthuses nigricans. This is a sign that the insulin is already in an abnormal condition. Particularly in term of darkened skin, it is surely not similar with the dark skin caused by sunburns or genetic pigments. This kind of skin tends to be dull and unhealthy.

Erectile Dysfunction

Another symptom of diabetes in men is the decrease of their sexual performance. One of them is the erection dysfunctional where the sperms produced by the testosterone hormone are reduced. In severe cases, it causes impotency. The dysfunction is mainly caused by the damage of nerve cells caused by the accumulation of glucose in the blood. Despite it disturbs the blood stream in kidney; it is also happed on the penis.

Damaged Nerves on Kidneys and Vision

Due to the damaged bloods that are already severe, other organs interconnected with it like eyes and kidney also become abnormal. In general, the neuron system damaged caused by diabetes are divided into three; they are motor, censor, and autonomy. The damages are seen by some signs that are visible from the outside like being really tired, dry mouth cavity, and headache. It is because of the lack of oxygen that should burn the glucose into oxygen, the glucose is accumulated in the blood vessels and the stream is slower down. If this condition is continuous, the heart beats faster because it works much harder. At this stage, organs supported by those neuron systems are disturbed as well. The worst conditions are when the patients are suffered from kidney failure and blindness.

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