American Diabetes Association Sponsors – the Corporates Supports the Organization

American Diabetes Association Sponsors – the Corporates Supports the Organization

American Diabetes Association works hard to help people with diabetes in US. Get to know what corporates become the American Diabetes Association sponsors that support the organization with funds needed.

About the Organization

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is a non – commercial organization established in United States that is aimed to help with diabetes and fight against the consequences resulted by the illness. The ADA comes with special mission to fund researches for providing information about how to manage, treat, and prevent the disease. The information provided will not only addressed to health care professional but also for patients. The organization works hard to educate the US citizens on how to promote a healthier lifestyle to prevent diabetes. Not only that, the American Diabetes Association also advocates people with diabetes to get their rights.

The Sponsors of the Organization

In funding the researches and all of the programs relate to the lowering effect of diabetes, there are a lot of corporates that give donation to ADA. The organization’s national sponsors give significant contribution to help it raise funds needed to find the cure for the disease as well as improve people awareness about the effects resulted. Here are some of the companies that become the American Diabetes Association sponsors.

#1. Catherines

There are over 420 chain stores of this fashion brand that has specialization in providing clothes for plus sized women. The company has become the great supporter of ADA since 2009. Just like ADA, Catherines also puts huge concern of diabetes so that both of the associations work together to fight against the disease. During April and May 2017, Catherines helped Ada to raise funds by asking the company’s loyal customers to round up the money they had to pay for the clothes they bought in Catherine’s’ chain stores. The rounded up cost would be donated to ADA in turn to support people with diabetes. Again, in November the same year, the fashion company donated $5 from each cloth sold and gave the money to ADA. Catherines has donated more than $75,000 to ADA during 8 years of collaboration.

#2. Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt is another company that supports American Diabetes Association. The company helps ADA to improve people awareness about the importance of living a healthy life as the effective way to avoid diabetes. It educates people on how to prevent and manage the disease by giving a lot of delicious recipes and tips of healthier eating for customers. By collaborating with ADA, the Dannon Company tries hard to encourage people to pick up healthier foods include yogurt to gain healthy lifestyle.

#3. Merisant Company

Merisant Company comes with specialization in producing natural sweetener with zero calories to make sure that the customers will not bad effect from the company’s products they consume. The company also obtains 0 calorie options that will be beneficial the most for those who live with diabetes. Merisant Company has strong dedication to promote people awareness about the dangerous of diabetes and has become loyal supporter of ADA for more than 25 years. The company provides funding for the ADA educational contents include the Education Recognition Program, Living with Type 2 Diabetes program, Association’s Diabetes Expo event, and Featured Recipes. In the company’s national trade shows, print advertising campaigns, and in Association’s publications, Merisant also gives support to the Association’s nutrient contents and events.

#4. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Samsung is a worldwide brand that contributes in forming the future with technologies and transformative ideas. The company has gained a lot of profits and loyal customers from all around the world. To demonstrate the company’s social responsibilities, there is Samsung Health program created. The program is aimed to provide health service that will empower people to manage their health. Samsung collaborates with American Diabetes Association to educate people on how to live in healthier ways. The company creates telehealth to obtained personalized information for the users, include videos and interactive quizzes, monitoring the exercise done by the customers, food intake, blood glucose readings, sleep, and medication. In applying the telehealth provided, the users will be able to receive instant feedback such as medication reminders, blood glucose entries, as well as weekly challenge and reward to motivate them to reach their goals.

#5. John Hancock

This life insurance has been giving supports to American Diabetes Association for years. The company helps the Association to educate people about the advantages that they can get from the healthy life they adopt. Together with ADA, the life insurance company also promotes people awareness about the long term complications resulted by diabetes type 2. The collaboration between the Association and John Hancock life insurance tries to inspire people by providing various sources to support people’s healthy life.

#6. Freeze Tag

The next sponsor of American Diabetes Association in the list is Freeze Tag, Inc., which has specialization in mobile social games. The company supports the association through physical activity programs to promote people’s healthier life. There are a lot of products provided by the company that require people to do more activities through its gaming platforms. The company also helps the Association to raise fund by supporting Tour de Cure. The program demands the activation of the gamers as well as the participation of the ADA supporters. The games created by the company to to support the Association include Zee Tours, Garfield Go, Munzee, Wallabee, and Eventzee.

#7. Primar Wear

One of the loyal American Diabetes Association sponsors is Primar Wear. This clothing line that specializes in the production of custom team jersey has been supporting the Association since 2012. The company supports Tour de Cure program which is actually primer fundraising event through cycling activity created by the Association. Every custom team or individual jersey sold will be donated 15% from the cost to be donated to the Association. The Tour de Cure itself is a special program that aimed to encourage people to live healthier lifestyle through cycling activity. This is also aimed to help people who are living with diabetes to manage the disease

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