Are Alcoholic Drinks For Diabetics Prohibited Or Not?

Are Alcoholic Drinks For Diabetics Prohibited Or Not?

Are alcoholic drinks for diabetics considered as safe? If you keep wondering about these kinds of question, here is answer you need.

The risk factors of alcohol and diabetes Type 2

The cause of diabetes type 2 having by every people is varied. However, the most common one are because of family history, the fact that someone is overweight, as well as the ethnic environment and age. Meanwhile, alcohol does not count in the list of those risk factors. Even so, it does not mean that you can drink as much as alcohol you like when you have diabetes. Alcohol still has many amount of calories. It can makes you having more weight.

The safe amount to drink alcohol is not more than 14 units for every week. On the other words, you should not drink over six medium glasses of wine (or can be six pints) for a week. It applies equally for both women and men.

If taking from the guidelines of general public, women can have an average of one drink per day and men can have up to two drinks per day. Adult with diabetes or not should not drink more than four drinks in a day. A study ever observed t and showed that having more than three drinks per day in a long time can make the glucose in the body hard to control.

Here is clearer explanation for the serving size. One drink means 12 ounces of regular (or light) beer. It also means 5 ounces of wine (it include any types of wine other than sweet dessert wine). One drink also means 1 – ½ ounces of 80 proof distilled spirits (it includes scotch, whiskey, rum, and gin). This serving size applied for both consumed alone or within a mixed drink.

Last, one drink means 1 -1/2 ounces of liqueur. Alcoholic beverages are using grains or fruit in the making process (such as starches or sugars). It passed the fermentation and distillation process. As a result, alcohol cannot be changed into glucose. Moreover, alcohol is also a nutrient that do not need o be broken down by the insulin to make it as an energy like what carbohydrate, fat and protein do.

Alcohol can cause hypos

For people who are using insulin or any other medications such as sulphonylureas, it means that there is a likeliness to have a hypo. It is possible since alcohol cause the blood sugar level to increase or drop. Therefore, to make things better before you ruin your health, you may need to have a deep discussion with your healthcare team. Ask whether the medication you have is possibly can get you hypos, or whether it gives certain effects to alcohol or not.

Besides that, you can also have hypo when you drink many amounts of alcohol with empty stomach. In that condition, your liver will work twice harder as it tries to steady the blood sugar level while also tries to remove the alcohol out of your body at the same time. If your body cannot keep it up, your blood sugar level possibly, go down and remain low until your liver can keep your body safe from the alcohol effect. That is the reason behind the feeling of need a lot of carbs and give you headache when you wake up in the following morning.

A solution for unplanned much drinking

If there is a time when you end up having too much alcohol, water can be one solution you can take. Before you go to bed, drink a pint of water first. It will keep your body hydrated. There is also high possibility that water can prevent you to get hangover in the next morning.evn though when you keep having hangover, drinking lot of water will still be very helpful.

Besides that, having breakfast can also be another choice, which you can take. Breakfast can help your body to deal with your blood sugar. Taking food is recommended. However, if you cannot face it as you feel sick; you can also change it with drinks. Have a lot of fluids. It can include sugary or non-diet drinks as well.

Know the kinds of drinks

There are many types of drinks. Among all those types, there certain type, which you need to avoid. First is the beers in low sugar and cider (it is also known as diabetic drinks). It is true that this kind of drink has less sugar. However, it usually has more alcohol.

Second is the wines with low alcohol. This kind of drink usually has more sugar compared to any other drinks. If you really want to have it, then do not drink it for more than two glass. You must limit yourself from having a drink with much amount of sugar (for example sweet sherries, liqueurs, as well as sweet wines).

It is recommended to have a diet of sugar free mixer with any kinds of spirits. Drinks such as beers, ciders and ales has carbs on it. Therefore, it can raise your blood sugar level. On the other hand, drinks such as Prosecco, spirits, and dry wines will be a good choice, as they contains less carbs.

Healthy benefit of alcohol

If you can manage a regular drink of alcohol in the right amount for over time, you can feel the true benefit of it. Moderate consumption of alcohol shown to be able in decreasing the risk of having heart disease as many as 30% up to 50%.meanwhile, it is also be able to decrease the risk of death from heart disease for 50% up to 80%.

The past president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE), Alan Graber, M.D., Ph.D., FACE also said that alcohol can improve the good cholesterol or HDL. Study also suggest that one up to two alcoholic drinks (such as beer, spirits, and wine)per day can increase the HDL until12%. However, when the person is gaining weight, he or she cannot obtain this benefit.

Last, alcohol can also improve the sensitivity of insulin. It means that body can have more efficient use of insulin. Summarizing from all of the explanation above, drinking alcoholic drinks for diabetics is not prohibited, but you need to keep it in the right serving size.