Borderline Personality Disorder traits

Borderline Personality Disorder traits

Traits and Characteristics Commonly Found in People with Borderline Personality Disorders

Just like other mental disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder is a serious condition and the patients need to be treated to get better. To get proper treatments, first of all you need to recognize the symptoms first. Sometimes, it can be difficult because Borderline Personality Disorder traits really resemble other mental disorder such as bipolar, depression and even show some antisocial behaviors. BPD is very complicated and each case is unique and different. That’s why, it is important to recognize traits and characteristics commonly shown by BPD patients. Borderline Personality Disorder patients often show dangerous behavior that can threaten their own life. So, if you observe those traits in yourself or your loved ones, you need to go see your doctor and take actions immediately.

What Is Borderline Personality Disorder

Before we discuss Borderline Personality Disorder traits, it is best if we know what exactly this disorder is. Borderline Personality Disorder is a psychiatric disorder which is marked by extreme mood swings, impulsive behavior and difficulties to control negative emotions. Some BPD patients frequently show psychotic behavior which makes this disorder gets its “borderline” name. BPD is a very complex mental disorder. Patients can show many symptoms of other psychiatric disorder which makes BPD harder to diagnose.

There is no consensus regarding what causes this disorder. But studies have shown that genetic factor plays important role. If the parents are suffering from BPD, there is a chance that the offspring can suffer the same fate. Furthermore, borderline personality disorder can also be triggered by traumatic childhood or unpleasant experiences in the past.

Borderline Personality Disorder Traits and Symptoms

Here are some common traits and characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder. Here, you will see 9 major groups of those traits. And to be diagnosed with BPD, a person must show at least 5 points of those traits. But please remember that every case of BPD is different. Some traits might appear subtler than the other. So, it is best to go see your doctor immediately and let them help you with the diagnosis and treatment afterwards.

1. Fear and Insecurity

People with BPD often have unexplained fear of abandonment. They are afraid of being left alone by someone they love or care about. They can be very panic if their loved ones go even for a moment. And sometimes, this is not even real. Sometimes they just imagine their loved ones leaving and it can trigger depression, anxiety and other BPD characteristics.

2.Distorted Self Image

The worst thing can happen to us is when we don’t recognize ourselves anymore. And this is exactly what happens in BPD sufferers. Sometimes they can feel good about themselves and a minute later they will start doubting themselves. They will feel unclear not only about their identity, but also about what they want in life. This is one of the traits that triggers self-alienation in BPD patients.

3.Unable to Maintain Relationships

People with Borderline Personality Disorder find it hard to connect to people. They alienate themselves, they severely blamed people for every single thing going wrong in their life and sometimes being very abusive. But at the same time, they are dependent and get attached easily to other people. But those relationships are very short-lived because they will start showing resentment, anger and find faults in their relationships.

4.Self-Harm and Suicidal Tendency

This is the most dangerous Borderline Personality Disorder traits. It is common in people with BPD to have suicidal thoughts, to cut or burn and do anything to harm themselves. They do it because BPD makes them feeling detached from their own selves and self-harming is the only thing that makes them feel again. They often treat people around them that they will kill themselves if something happen against their will. It is also very common to find BPD patients really perform the suicide. If the doctor finds that self-harming and suicide will put the patient’s life in danger, they will be hospitalize until they get better.

5.Feeling Detached from Reality

BPD can make the sufferers feel detached from their body as if they don’t own their body anymore. But sometimes, this detachment from reality can also cause paranoid episode and constantly being fear and suspicious of their environment.

6.Impulsive Behavior

Impulsive behavior is the most common and most recognizable Borderline Personality Disorder Traits. When your emotion is unstable, especially when you are angry, sad or disappointed about something, you will fearlessly engaged in risky behavior. Many patients have reported that they impulsively have sex with random people, go in a shopping spree and compile huge debts after that or driving carelessly. It will make you happy for a while but it’s not going to diminish the real problem.

7.Unable to Control Emotions and Aggressiveness

BPD will make the sufferers angry all the time. They will also become aggressive and direct their anger towards other people. When the disorder is not treated, this trait can be dangerous since it can lead to abusive behavior. Sometimes, the anger is directed inwards and makes the sufferers feel worthless. This action is dangerous too since it can lead to suicide.

8.Feeling Empty

This feeling of emptiness in some cases can be the cause of several other traits. They will unreasonably feel empty, loss and worthless. In result, they will engage in impulsive behavior or self-harming so that they can feel something again.

9.Extreme Mood Swings

This trait is similar with bipolar disorder symptoms. However, people with bipolar will experience an episode for a pretty long time. BPD is different. The mood swing from extremely happy to extremely sad will happen in just a matter of minute.

BPD can really be a torture for the sufferers and also the people around them. This disorder also can invite other co-occurring disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder, eating disorders, PTSD and even worse, substance abuse. That’s why immediate treatment is needed. Observe yourself and your loved ones carefully. You can get treated faster if you recognize those Borderline Personality Disorder traits.


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