Can You Die from Diabetes? – Facts and Statistics

Can You Die from Diabetes? – Facts and Statistics

Can you die from diabetes? Yes, you can because basically everyone could die from a lot of things. Diabetes and other illness will go away or at least you can live peacefully with your condition if it is treated properly. There are many people who live with diabetes and stay healthy. You just need to control yourself.

There are several things that could make diabetes as one of the dangerous illnesses that could affect everyone. In fact, most of Americans, even more than 50% of the population lives with diabetes. Poor lifestyle, unhealthy habits, and the inability to control themselves would be the top 3 reason why this disease seems hard to be tamed. Besides, family history could bring this disorder to you. Here are the dangers you should watch out.


Can you die from diabetes? Yes, you can if you do not control your blood sugar level and still do unhealthy lifestyle. Basically, diabetes is about controlling yourself from the blood sugar level. Type 1 diabetes and some people with type-2 diabetes need to take insulin in order processing the glucose. If the insulin is not taken by those people then the glucose could not be processed.

When the glucose cannot be processed, it could lead to hyperglycemia or you may call it high blood sugar level. The danger about this condition is that the ability to become ketoacidosis and then diabetic coma. At the end, death is just something you might face later especially if this is not treated properly.

Commonly, it does not show any symptom. But if there is, you may find several signs such as excessive thirst, tiredness, blurry vision, a lot of urination, and upset stomach. Another symptom could be dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, smelly breath, and hard to breathe.

So, if you really worry about death due to diabetes, you should know that anything with good treatment and moderation will make you become fine. When your body need insulin shot then you must give it right away. Do not forget to monitor your blood sugar level so you can live healthily even though diabetes stays inside you.


Hypoglycemia is the condition when your body has low blood sugar level. This condition may happen occasionally even if you already applied the strict diabetes management. The condition is ranging from mild to so much severe without proper treatment. You can consume food rich in glucose. It will help to increase the blood sugar level anyway. Can you die from diabetes? Yes, you can if you do not monitor your blood sugar level.

The symptoms of this disease are such as sweating, shaky, pale skin, dizziness and headache, hunger, tingling around mouth, clumsy movement, weakness and confusion, anxiety, hard to speak, and sleepiness. Sometimes, it also shows different symptoms like crying out during nightmare, perspiration made your cloth or sheep damped, and tiredness or easily irritated. It should be treated as soon as possible. The worst case is seizure, which can lead to coma and death.

The main causes of this condition are such as skipping meals, too much physical activity, and consuming alcohol. Sometimes, even if you have been doing great this condition may still occur. It is caused by certain medication. Just consult to your doctor about this one.

General care for diabetes

Two type of disease that has been mentioned above are related to blood sugar level. Other than that, those are the quick death scenario after all. Still, death related to those conditions depends on how you treat it. Most people who died from diabetes did not pay attention on what they consumed. So, you really need to make sure you eat the right foods and drink the right fluids.

Can you die from diabetes? Yes, you can if you do not fix your diet plan and do a bit more exercise in your routines. As we have mentioned earlier, diabetes is all about controlling the blood sugar level. Too high and too low blood sugar level will cause a fatal condition and this is when you should worry about death due to diabetes.

How long can people with diabetes expect to live?

In 2010, a report about diabetes in UK stated that the life expectancy of diabetics with type-2 diabetes is reduced about 10 years, a little longer than type 1 diabetes due to its condition. Meanwhile, a person’s life expectancy with type 1 diabetes is reduced up to 20 years. However, it was a report in 2010. And with the help of technology, the life expectancy can be increased a bit longer for both types.

Healthy people could live up to 83 years for male and 85 years for female in general. Those numbers are the average result. But when a person has diabetes in their body then the comparison will be 77 years for males and 81 years for female.

There are various factors that could make people with diabetes live a shorter life. Complication is the main reason and there are several complications that could be experienced by people with diabetes such as heart disease, kidney issues, diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Other than that, hypertension and high cholesterol give contribution to further damage on several organs like eyes, nerve, and kidneys along with poor circulation of body. We also have mentioned about ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia which could be really fata.

Increasing life expectancy

It is important to maintain the healthy and normal level of blood sugar level. It will be the main key to prolong the life expectancy of a person. Other than that, maintain the blood sugar level to keep it normal and steady will help to lower the chance of complications. We will never be tired to remind you about keeping up with healthy lifestyle, applying balanced yet healthy diet, and doing proper exercise to make anything in your body becomes normal and steady.

Can you die from diabetes? Yes, you can. But there are things you can do to live healthily even with diabetes in your live.

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