Current Events Of Mental Health

 Current Events Of Mental Health

The Impact of Nightmares through the Mental Health

Nightmares become the current events of mental health. How come? Nightmares usually happened in kids. But adults also experienced nightmare. Each of people has a dream when sleeping. It is natural. However, not the entire dream is the wonderful thing. Definitely, sometimes, you experienced nightmares. Dreams have the important role for the mental health. Your brain used the dream to understand what is going through in that day or before or after. In general, both good dreams and bad dreams don’t need to worry. When sleeping, you are going to experience dreams. In this moment, you enter the phase of sleep named Rapid Eye Movement (REM). During the phase, the emotion in a day will be collected and converted into the long-term memory. When the phase of REM plagued with the other thing that thought about, it is potentially to be the nightmares.

Although many people do not believe the influence of a dream for their daily lives, but in one study mentioned that the nightmare turned out to the negative impact on the mentally, psychological health of human beings. A researcher from India, dr. Seema Hingorrany the adverse events of it. Nightmare can be very influential for family relationships to children, parents, spouses, and trigger stress and depression if it continues. If some people often have nightmares or bad dreams that sustained, it can also lead to more severe cases of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or mental disorder continued. In that case, the depression may be experienced by many patients. The simplest solution of this event is by not hold back the emotions in long time, and start to open up the broader mind. Create the schedule for normal and regular sleep can minimalize the sleep disorder and nightmares. Consuming warm milk before sleeping is also able to soothe the mental.

Nightmares is bad dream that disturbing and feel real, and it can awaken even you are in the deep sleep. Nightmares can cause the frequent heart beating. Nightmares tend to happened in REM phase. REM phase of sleeping usually happened in the early morning because this phase usually happened in this time. Nightmares as the current events of mental health are not really influence mentally and physiologically, but also physically.

Heart diseases

Indeed if we think shortly, there is no relation between the nightmares and the heart diseases. However, some studies found that the nightmares can affect the beating of the heart, especially in elderly. More than that, it also can impact the pain in the chest and the abnormal heartbeat. Most of the people with heart attack may occur in REM phase with the rapid and irregular breathing. Sleep during the REM phase also can cause stress because it is able to stimulate the amygdala of the brain that has the function to regulate the emotion. This combination makes the people is very potential to have heart attack because of the nightmares.

Psychotic episode

Are you parents? Be aware, if your children often got nightmares or felt uncomfortable in sleeping. It may be the risk of psychotic of mental disorder in adult. Therefore, parents must closely observe about their children behavior.

Parkinson and neurological disorder

A research that conducted to some people who always experienced nightmares showed that those people were doing the physical movement during the sleep in nightmares such as kicking, stand, hit, cry, or scream. This thing is potential of high Parkinson and the neurological disorder. Once or twice a nightmare is not a problem; often dream also has no special meaning. However, if you often experience nightmares or strange dreams, maybe you need to be aware of the hidden disease. Usually the nightmare will happen by your habits or what you are thinking about such as stress, anxiety, panic, lots of problems, family problems, or because of the influence of drugs.

Most people understand that nightmares always give the bad impact. The visible impacts are fear and anxiety. It is not a big problem when nightmares happened once. However what if the nightmares often happened? People who really often plagued of nightmares tend to anxiety, fatigue, and depression. In order to reduce the bad effects, there are several ways to deal with this situation.

Imagine the new version

Some experts used a technique that named imagery rehearsal therapy (IRT). This therapy is used to treat the chronic nightmares. Actually, it is an easy technique, and everybody can master it and do it in a several hours. There are 3 steps to do imagery rehearsal therapy (IRT). The first time, the patient must describe the happened nightmares in general. And then find how to turn the nightmares. You can sing the alternative version of the dream. It can be in the “end” of the dream or the fun part of the dream. After that, set aside several minutes to practice this version. The experts said that this method can monitor the nightmares. And it is proven that this therapy is effective to prevent the chronic nightmares that may be happened in the future.

Convinced yourself

Before sleeping, it is important to convince yourself that in the end of the nightmares is the pleasant dream. If you often face the recurring nightmares, you have to make sure to yourself that the dream will be fun and pleasant in the end. This treatment is effective because the time before sleeping is the best time to arrange about you are going to dream.

Make a journal

Create a journal is the simplest way to overcome the nightmares. It can help you in recording the content of your dream. Write down about everything about your dreams including the nightmares. Remember the content as much as you can. This kind of treatment can help you to identify the patterns and understand the meaning of your nightmares.

Meditation and yoga

Some studies reveal the practice of yoga and meditation itself is able to reduce the causes of anxiety nightmares.


You can tell the story of the nightmare to the other. This thing can make you more relieved and relaxed. The anxious will reduce. But remember, not only caused the negative effects, nightmares can also be therapeutic. It could be a nightmare as the current events of mental health that we experience indicates there is something in life that we must address.

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