Diabetes Carb Counting App to Help Deal with Diabetes

Diabetes Carb Counting App to Help Deal with Diabetes

Thanks to technology, nowadays people with diabetes type 1 and 2 have easiness to know how much carbohydrate they should consume everyday with Diabetes Carb Counting App. Most of these apps have other things to offer like a reminder to take exercise and check blood sugar. Diabetes sufferers obviously will be happier to live and deal with this health problem.

Reviewing Traditional Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrates—the important nutrients, are needed by our body. They’re found in foods and drinks we consume known as sugars, fiber, and starches. Carbohydrate counting is great since it can keep the level of blood glucose in normal position. Surely, normal blood glucose can make people with diabetes type 1 and 2 feel better and can prevent other health problems caused by diabetes, such as blindness, kidney diseases, and blood vessel diseases leading to strokes, amputation, and heart attacks. There are people who have insulin shots and medicine to control the level of blood glucose. Here, the diabetes sufferers have options to make their life even easier and better.

Diabetes Carbohydrate Counting App

Nowadays, technology put people at ease. In cells—iPhone or Android, there are many health apps including the apps to control carbohydrates that users can download easily. Here are examples of the best app users can try.

  1. Diabetes Tracker. This five-star-rated app will help users manage their diabetes so easily. It comes great with its ability to document the foods and drinks the users consume and the exercises they do. It also can keep the record of users’ health factors such as cholesterol, net carbohydrates, HbA1c, water intake, etc. Planning diabetes carbohydrate counting will be easier since this app views the food grades for different kinds of foods. This below-ten-dollar app also offers virtual coaching to show users the best way to manage health.

  2. Fooducate. This app will help users eat the best food for them. Definitely this app will prevent unhealthy foods and drinks which are not good for those suffering from diabetes 1 and 2. By scanning the nutrition label users can see the foods with their health grade. Besides that, this app can track users’ sleeping habit, moods, and exercising as well.

  3. This free app available only in Android, Glucosio, is great for people with diabetes type 1 and 2. It can monitor the weight, A1C, cholesterol, hemoglobin, ketones, blood, etc. This app has tools for glucose target and a conversion calculator for HbA1c. It comes greater since it has reminders of when to exercise, take medication, and other important things to do.

  4. mySugr: Diabetes Tracker Log. This five-star-rated app is available for iPhone and Androids. This will help users monitor sugar level, basal level, weight, etc. This has to be synced with other devices though. Just log the data first. Here, users need to set app reminders of their cell. This app will keep informing the users’ doctor about your critical and good condition of your health. With only $2.99 per month or 27.99 per year you can subscribe the Pro version. If users want it free, they should have Accu-check and order through mySugr.

  5. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter. This app helps users reach the weight goals. It comes cooler with the ability to give tips about how to maintain healthy weights and information of good meals. Definitely, this app is suitable for users with diabetes type 1 and 2 since it can control foods to take. Food grades in food database will define how healthy and unhealthy the foods the users take. Just scan the barcode of the foods.

  6. Glooko. This app will help users monitor carbohydrates consumption, medication, etc. This app will integrate data from fitness trackers monitoring blood glucose, insulin pumps, glucose monitors, etc. Users can easily see their progress and history in charts available. This app is free if you have insurance covering the facilities. If your doctor, hospital, or your employer sponsors you, then this app is free as well.

  7. Glucose Buddy. With only $59.99 per year you can subscribe this app. You will be able to check your blood pressure, HbA1c levels, weight, etc. This app also makes it easy for users to track workouts and carbohydrates intake, and to monitor the graphic. This will make users easy to plan their health condition. If you are a member, you will have access to premium ones, such as advanced graphs, custom tagging tools, and other fitness apps.

  8. Diabetes:M. This app offering a complete nutrition database will make users possible to control their diabetes. Users will be easier to track sugar levels and other factors influencing diabetes condition. This app also can calculate insulin medication and shots users should take. It comes even greater with reminder to exercise and check blood sugar. Not to mention its other properties like insulin pumps and different glucometers that is able to analyze values from the data being imported.

  9. DiabetesConnect. This app is good for those with Diabetes type 1 and 2. Users will be able to monitor meals and medication easily. They just have to input insulin injections, medication, meals, blood sugar, and other things needed in managing diabetes. All the data are synced to devices so you can review for example all the meals you have taken.

  10. Health2Sync. With this app, users will be able to document all factors influencing the condition of their diabetes like sugar and weight. This offers users statistic of their current and previous health. People around the users who care will be able to support and motivate the users to stay healthy with health device synced with Bluetooth.

These ten apps are worth trying. Just compare all of them and choose the best for your Diabetes. How easy life can be with the apps assisting us for anything including our health, right? However, it’s also suggested that you consult a real doctor to make you more confident. Hopefully the article sharing Diabetes Carb Counting App help you choose the best app you need.