Diabetes Center: Is Type 2 Diabetes Caused by Genetics?

Diabetes Center: Is Type 2 Diabetes Caused by Genetics?

Is type 2 diabetes genetic? Since diabetes is a complex condition, you need to learn thoroughly about it. Besides, there are surely several factors that make someone could develop type 2 diabetes. Obesity and poor choice of lifestyle are just two factors that could cause this condition. On the other hand, genetics are considered and proven as one of the other factors.

If the doctor diagnosed you with type-2 diabetes then there must be a chance that you are not the only person, even the first, who developed this condition. American Diabetes Association stated that the risk to develop type-2 diabetes is:

  • 1:7 if either your father or mother was diagnosed before 50 years old.
  • 1:13 if either your father or mother was diagnosed after 50 years old.
  • 50% if both parents are diagnosed with diabetes.

Is type 2 diabetes genetic? In several cases, there are more than one gene mutations linked to the development of this condition. The genes can be interacting with supportive environment and also each other so the further risks can be increased.

How the genetics plat role in type 2 diabetes

The most common thing happened to type-2 diabetes is that this disease is caused by two main things such as environmental and genetics. As we have said earlier, several gene mutations happened in human’s body could increase the risk of a person to develop this health condition. It is true if the gene mutations are not going to affect everyone who has it. But in many cases, the type-2 diabetes occurred if a person has one or more of gene mutations.

It is not easy to separate the risk from genetics from the environmental ones. In fact, the latter will be often influenced by the family members. If the parents have healthy eating habits then it will be more likely to pass it to the children. Meanwhile, the genetic plays big role to determine a person’s weight. So, behaviors cannot really be the only thing to take all the blame.

How to identify the genes responsible for type 2 diabetes

Is type 2 diabetes genetic? Well, there are studies of twin to find out that genetics are somehow linked to the development of type-2 diabetes. But these studies were pretty complicated by the influences from environment that also give impact the risk to develop this condition.

According the studies, there are various mutations have been explained to give impact on the risk of type-2 diabetes. But the contribution of those gene mutations is small in general. On the other hand, every additional mutation in the individual’s body could increase the risk to develop this health condition.

In general speaking, the mutations in any kind of gene could involve in controlling the level of glucose. This condition could also increase the risk of developing this disease. The genes that could increase the risk are also in control of:

  • Glucose production;
  • Insulin regulation and production;
  • How the body could sense the glucose level.

Genetic tests for type 2 diabetes

In order to know “is type 2 diabetes genetic?” then you need to perform some tests. It could reveal some gene mutations that have something to do with type-2 diabetes. But generally the increased risk for each given mutation is commonly small, on the other hand. The other factors that could predict more accurately about the development of type-2 diabetes are such as:

  • BMI
  • Family history
  • Hypertension
  • High levels of cholesterol and triglyceride
  • Gestational diabetes history
  • Certain ethnicity like Asian-American, African-American, or Hispanic.

How to prevent type 2 diabetes

As we have said earlier, the interactions between environmental and genetics make is a bit difficult to separate the real cause of this health condition. But it does not mean that you cannot low the risk. The easiest way is by changing the habits and lifestyle. There is also Diabetes Prevention Program that suggests about increasing physical activity and weight loss if you want to prevent and stay away from type-2 diabetes.

  • ​Start the exercise program. Even though it seems hard to put the exercise to fit into your daily routine, it can help you to lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. It can start with small movement like taking the stairs instead to the elevator. Have a walk during lunch will be another great thing to follow.
  • Healthy meal plan will be another long-term plan in order to stay away from this health condition. It can make you limit the extra calories and carbs. It is highly advised to cook your own meal and prepare your own juice instead of buying a boxed juice or having dine-in.
  • Snacking is important for your body to avoid the craving and you are definitely able to make it healthier. Instead of taking candy bar or chips, you can try something healthier like hummus and carrot sticks, fruits, nuts (in moderation amount), unseasoned popcorn, and crackers made of whole-grain with cheese.

Last word

If you want to prevent the development of type-2 diabetes in your body or simply make change about it then you can start to look out the risk in your body. It is important to see the doctor and mentioning the family history about type-2 diabetes will help a lot. The doctor will decide if the testing about genetic will be right for you. Beside, you will also get the ultimate tips and tricks to reduce the risk by changing your lifestyle and habits in overall.

You will also be asked by the doctor to regularly check the glucose level. Sugar abnormalities could be detected by doing so. It will also allow you to know if there is early sign of diabetes or the abnormalities in your blood. And if it appears that you have the signs of developing this condition then you can treatment earlier. Early treatment will definitely give positive effect and effective result.

So, your health is your responsibility. To prevent the development of type-2 diabetes then you can start healthy lifestyle. And this article has answered your question about “is type 2 diabetes genetic?”

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