Diabetes Fruits To Avoid List

AGAIN, Diabetes Fruits To Avoid List You Should Not Provide During Meal Time

To satisfy the hunger and to quench the thirst, people prefer taking fresh food in their leisure time. This is right way to maintain the weight so that you will stay in shape and not easily hungry. Unfortunately, all the diabetics cannot do as they wish, since there is always diabetes fruits to avoid list that they have to remember every time. It is necessary to do so, since these “forbidden fruits” can raise the blood sugar quickly.

If you ignore about the matter, do not regret if you have to perform insulin injection or oral medication in result to cater the insulin requirements needed every day so that the body can work as it is supposed to be.

3 Diabetes Fruits to Avoid List to Stay Healthy

As stated by the director of the diabetes management program at Friedman Diabetes Institute, Gerald Bernstein, M.D, that the major goal of the diabetics is to eat the healthy foods that do not cause the blood sugar spikes. In line with it, as stated above, the diabetes fruits to avoid list may contains of high sugar and carbs that will be absorbed so fast so that it will greatly affect to the blood sugar.


  • Banana


Apart from the glycemic index contained in the fruits you have to consider, there is another factor you should know. The carbohydrate content in certain fruits may play the role to increase the blood sugar. As stated by The American Diabetes Association about diabetes fruits to avoid list, the amount of carbs has more significant role to act as the predictor of the rising blood glucose than the amount of glycemic index of that fruit. So, just cut down the consumption of banana, since it contains of 30 gram of carbs per cup.


  • Mango


As reported by Livestrong, mango has 22 gram of carbs, so that to those who are suffering from diabetes should take into consideration of consuming this fruit. When it comes to diabetes fruits to avoid list, the big serving of mango does substantially play the big role in raising the blood sugar, so just stay alert to consume only in small portion. Apart from this, mango is the good source of fructose that will be processed in the lever, so that it can cause the rising triglyceride level.


  • Pineapple


Pineapple is also thought to be one of the diabetes fruits to avoid list that cause the condition of diabetes get worsening when it is consumed in large portion. As quoted from Livestrong, pineapple contains of 19 gram carbs and high glycemic index that the diabetics should avoid from. In other hand, pineapple has the beneficial nutrients such as manganese, vitamin C and thiamine that good for body.

Speaking about diabetes fruits to avoid list, there are always some restrictions and limitations in consuming the fresh fruits. Pineapple, mangoes and bananas are the examples of fruits that the diabetics should be taken into consideration due to the high carbs and sugar. So, if you want to stay healthy with normal blood sugar level, you can eat those mentioned fruits in small portion.


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