Diabetes In Toddlers Warning Signs

Recognize The Diabetes In Toddlers Warning Signs For Further Medical Treatments

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, it is said that around 35 children of the world are diagnosed with diabetes every day. Children with diagnoses of being diabetes may vary from the adults in some aspects that parents should need to know further in attempt to provide the appropriate medical treatments to reduce the more serious complications in the next future. Among the children, type 1 diabetes always becomes the most frequent case that associates with the excessive insulin production to fuel the body. Apart from it, as parents, you are obliged to know about diabetes in toddlers warning signs for further treatments.

Learn more about diabetes in toddlers warning signs

  • Frequent urination

As your kid is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes earlier, you might notice the unusual habits of going to the bathroom for many times. Known as bepolyuria, one of diabetes in toddlers warning signs is due to the absence of insulin in the body, so that the bloodstream absorbs the excessive glucose from the highly sugary foods consumed every day and this will be passed out in the form of urine. The more frequent you consume the sugary foods, the more often you go to restroom for peeing.

  • Extreme thirst

Polydipsia or known as extreme thirst due to the high blood sugar level is the diabetes in toddlers warning signs that parents should be aware of. When the sugar that pulls out as urine, toddlers will feel so thirsty that he will need more water to quench the thirst. The more amount of water you consume, the more frequent you experience the extreme thirst. For serious condition, this leads to dehydration.

  • Weight loss, hunger and fatigue

Diabetes in toddlers warning signs also include the unusual weight loss, hunger and fatigue. Due to the body is incapable of producing the energy from the insulin and glucose; toddlers will tend to be drowsiness and fatigue. In addition, since the body does not convert the protein and fat into energy, it is something common when toddlers are craving more foods than the usual. In serious cases, the body cannot absorb the glucose that later causes the weight lose drastically.

  • Fruity smelling breath

Most toddlers with type 1 diabetes will show the diabetes in toddlers warning signs in the form of fruity smelling breath. This is due to the excessive consumption of the sugary foods that leads to that problem. When parents notice this problem, it is strongly recommended to see the doctor and to have him check the blood sugar level in the body.

So many diabetes in toddlers warning signs do parents not know about it until the kids are diagnosed to have type 1 diabetes. It may be stressing enough to know the health problem of the kids, so that parents need to pay a careful attention to what kids consume every day. reducing sugary foods in number and starting the healthy lifestyle will reduce the signs of diabetes. This also helps to maintain the kids’ overall health in the future.