Difference Between Type1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease which can be suffered by everyone. Not only adult, the children also can suffer these kinds of diseases. It is a disease where our body could not control the blood sugar in our body. There are two kinds of diabetes, diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Both of them are dangerous diseases.

The similarities and the difference of diabetes type 1 and type 2

Actually, these two types of diabetes have similarities and also differences. The first is the similarities. Both of diabetes type 1 and type 2 have more blood sugar in the people’s body. The body could not control the increasing of blood sugar. The second is the difference between diabetes type 1 and type 2. Actually, it is hard to differentiate these two types. However, we there are several differences can be found, they are:

  • Diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 1 usually is suffered by young people, less than 20 years old. However, the people who are more than 20 years also can suffer these diseases. But, it is only found in some cases, most of them are young people. The people have weight loss. Although they eat many foods, their weight cannot increased and always reduce all the time. They need insulin injection in a hospital because their body could not produce insulin.

  • Diabetes type 2

Diabetes type 2 usually is suffered by adult, more than 30 years old. The people have more weigh and most of them look obese. They do not need insulin injection because their body can produce insulin. However, the insulin in their body could not work properly so it could not control the blood sugar.

Those difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be use to find the right treatment or the medication of this disease. The doctor will give you recommendation treatment and give the right medicine.

The cause of diabetes type 1 and type 2

There are two main factors that cause the people suffers diabetes type 1 and 2. Diabetes type 1 is also popular as an autoimmune disease. So the immune system of their body can attack the cells which produce insulin. That’s why the insulin cannot be produced. Only some cases of diabetes type 1 suffer diabtes caused by genetic factors. Most of them are caused by environment factor. The environment factor can be caused by some viruses that are spreaded in our environment.

The main factor of people who suffer diabetes type 2 is genetic factor. The people who have parents that suffer diabetes have highly risk suffering these diseases. While the environment factor that caused diabetes type 2 through our food that we consumed and our daily activities in our life.

The symptom of diabetes type 1 and 2

These two types of diseases have similarities symptom. Usually the people who suffer diabetes type 1 and 2 feel fatigue when they do some activities. They also easily feel hungry thirsty. That’s why most of the people who suffer diabetes like to eat and drink much water. Some of the people who suffer this diseases usually also has problem with their vision. Many of them have blurred vision, especially at night. The common problem that is used as an indicator if someone suffers diabetes is sores. The people who suffer diabetes will have difficulty to heal their sores. However, there are also some differences. Diabetes type 1 sometimes eaily change their mood and easily get irritability. While diabetes type 1 usually have numbness of their feet and hands and sometimes they also have tingling.

The treatments for diabetes type 1 and 2

There are similarities of diabetes type 1 and type 2 treatments. For example, both of these types can have a balance diet. The people who suffer diabetes have to make a food program so the blood sugar can be controlled well. They can consume many vegetables and fruits every day. Vegetables and fruits are good for our body. Many vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruits. If the people want to have a good program, they can ask the nutritionist to manage their diet so the nutrient which is needed by their body can be fulfilled. The nutritionist will give you a food schedule and the amount of food you can consume. The people who suffer these diseases also need to have a balance diet. The last one, they also have good exercise every day. They have to push themselves to do small exercise everyday so that their body will stay healthy. As new innovation, the people also can consume herbal medicine. There are many drugstore offer herbal medicine to cure diabetes.

The difference treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2 is the insulin injection. The people who suffer diabetes type 1 need to go to the hospital every two or three days to get the insulin injection. However, the people who suffer diabetes type two do not need to have an insulin injection.

How do the people prevent diabetes?

There are some prevention can be done by the people if they want to avoid diabetes. The people can keep their body health. We can check up our heath to doctor and check the blood sugar in our body. It is important because we can monitor our blood sugar and know what we need to do from the blood sugar result. And then, we have to keep our food we consume every day. Choose the healthy food and avoid eating many junk foods. As we know, many junk food products can be found everywhere. It looks nice, but we have to control ourselves to consume it. It consists of many sugar and calories that is over than our body need.

So, let’s us protect ourselves from diabetes. It is better for us to prevent the diabetes while to heal this disease. As further information, we will need much more money in healing process. We have to go back and forth to the hospital to get the medication. So, it is better to safe our many by having healthy life style.