Do I have diabetes? Try out diabetes quiz

Do I have diabetes? Try out diabetes quiz

You should know that diabetes is manageable condition, however, if this condition left untreated then it can cause serious health problems as well. So, you are able to try do I have diabetes quiz to find out whether you have any symptoms or sign. Diabetes is rise rapidly and around 4,6 million adults were diagnosing with diabetes only in UK. Most of them 90% cases of type 2 diabetes and typically caused by poor lifestyle and diet.

Diabetes is also a serious medical condition, however it is common as well. If you have diabetes, then you have to manage your blood sugar regularly and monitoring them to ensure that your blood sugar level within the target range as well. There are several types of diabetes, however the two major types are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. They are different because of their causes. You might experience unexpected symptoms of diabetes, or diagnose is surprising you because the symptoms have been progressive over several months or even years. If you suspect that you might have diabetes, you can try to use do I have diabetes quiz to know your conditions based on symptoms or signs that you get.

Who is diabetes quiz for?

If you are feeling worry if you might experience several symptoms or signs of diabetes or you know that you might develop a risk of diabetes, then this quiz will help you to find out whether you show several symptoms or evaluate your risk as well.

Who have a risk?

The type 1 diabetes is also known as autoimmune condition and the triggers for this medical condition are still unknown. However, the type 2 diabetes has several risk factors, including of overweight, sedentary lifestyle, consume too much unhealthy meals and high-calorie diet. In type 2 diabetes, at least your body is still able to produce insulin that helps your cells to utilize the glucose, however your body cannot give respond toward it. It means that you lose this sensitivity. If your system is getting overworked along with consume wrong things, too much eating, then your systems getting worn out and you will lose its sensitivity.

Can I have diabetes and do not realize?

In type 1 diabetes, your body stop to produce insulin that give effect on your body quickly and noticeable as well. However, type 2 diabetes can develop very slowly or gradually because your body is still able to produce insulin, however it might be inadequate or even your body cannot respond to it properly. It means that development of symptoms might be occurred gradually. Then symptoms of type 2 diabetes typically develop rapidly. So, with type 2 diabetes, you might not notice that you have it as the symptoms might occur very slowly.

What you should know about diabetes quiz?

This test is usually consisting of several questions and looking for your symptoms that you might be noticed. By using a data, you will be advised whether you should get help. However, you should know that the only conclusive test for diabetes is the blood test. The diabetes quiz should tell you with an indication whether you need urgent help or you just want to raise this problem with our GP appointment later.

Here, samples of question in diabetes quiz:

  1. Do you have any problem related to your weight?

–               Yes, I’m obese or getting overweight

–               Yes. I have recently experiencing sudden or unexplained weight loss

–               No

  1. Do you feel thirstier or you found yourself that you drinking more than usual during recent weeks or even months?

–               Yes

–               No

  1. Do you peeing more than usual recently?

–               Yes, I found out that I go more often than anyone else

–               No

  1. Do you notice that if you got any cuts, it might seem that you need longer time to heal than usual?

–               Yes, it seems take longer time than usual

–               No, it’s just fine

  1. Do you notice that there is any change related to your vision?

–               Yes, sometimes I have problem with my focus

–               Yes, sometimes I got little blurry on my eyesight

–               Yes, sometimes I can see floaters in my vision

–               No, my eyes are all fine

  1. Do you experience feeling pins or tingling sensation in your feet or hands recently?

–               Yes, very frequent

–               Yes, only once or twice

–               Not at all

  1. Do you experience being excessive fatigue or tiredness?

–               Yes, I am very exhausted

–               I feel more tired than my usual

–               No, I feel same

  1. Do you often experience dizziness?

–               Yes, very frequent

–               Yes, sometimes

–               Never

Those questions above are used to involve in diabetes quiz, however there are many symptoms might come slowly and even several symptoms might go unnoticed as well.

Warning signs of diabetes that you have to know

There are many symptoms of diabetes that occur over the time or they can occur very fast. There are several types of diabetes that share similar or different warning signs as well. There are several common signs of diabetes, they are:

–               Dry mouth

–               More frequent urinate

–               Feel extreme thirst

–               Fatigue

–               Hanger

–               Yeast infection on women

–               Any cut or wound that cannot heal quickly as usual

–               Your skin is dry or itchy

–               Blurred vision

–               Irritable behavior

If you experience one or more symptoms related to diabetes above, then you should contact your doctor for next appointment. You might get a diabetes diagnosis after you visiting your doctor for other conditions or routine blood check. If your doctor is suspecting you that you might have diabetes, then you doctor will want to know several things, such as: medications, allergies, your symptoms and family history as well. You should have question lists to be asked to your doctor related to symptoms or warning signs for its condition. As mentioned before that diabetes is manageable condition, so it’s always better to change your poor lifestyle and diet