Foods Diabetics Should Not Eat

Stabilize Your Glucose Blood Level With Foods Diabetics Should Not Eat

According to American Heart Association, diabetes is such a life-threatening disease among the people across the face of the earth. Due to its significant impacts on life, people with diabetics should go for healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. In dealing with healthy life style to manage blood sugar level, people are supposed to understand about foods diabetics should not eat for they are quite dangerous. Thus, it is necessary to cut down the consumption of high carbs and calories, since they make your blood sugar level spike quickly.

Top 3 foods diabetics should not eat to control your blood sugar level

To stay on right track, raising self-awareness toward the serious complications of diabetes should be done among those who still cheat for navigating healthy lifestyle. It is because some of diabetics cannot hold back to consume their own favorite foods which have high sugar and carbs level.

In line with it, as stated by the writer of Eat What You Love Diabetes Cookbook, Lori Zanini, RD, CDE, people with diabetes are allowed to consume their favorite foods by considering the portion sizes, how the foods are prepared and the frequency. Still, they have to know foods diabetics should not eat.

  • Char-grilled meats

When summer has come, char-grilled meats always become the best foods to consume because it tastes delicious. To surprise you, this food contains of high AGEs (Advaced Glycation End Products) that may lead to receptor cells damage and insulin resistance, as stated by Miriam Jacobson, MS, RD, CNS, CDN. One of these foods diabetics should not eat should be reduced in amount and if you still want to consume it, you can slice the blackened parts of it, so that it will reduce the risk of being diabetes.

  • Frozen dinners

Diabetes is always related to high carbs and calories that people should avoid if they do not want to suffer from serious complications. Apart from it, a new breakthrough reports that salts also play the important role in raising the high blood sugar level. Just dial back on salt with foods diabetics should not eat as served in the form of frozen dinners. It is because all the frozen dinners are teemed with sodium to make it tastier and last longer than that of foods with no sodium added.

  • Chocolate hazelnut butter

As you go to store and purchase chocolate hazelnut butter, we encourage you to limit its consumption because one of foods diabetics should not eat is packed with high sugar that contribute to the high blood sugar level and serious inflammations, according to Jenna Braddock, RDN, CSSD. In addition, the protein content found in that food is very low so that you must to be careful in portion size when consuming. To stabilize your blood sugar level, you may still purchase that product by considering its nutrition values as sugar low.

Eating foods diabetics should not eat may promote the glucose blood level when you do not manage it well in terms of its portion size. This is what the major cause of people with diabetes, so that you have to consider when consuming any kinds of food. If you are not capable of controlling your eating habits with the healthiest foods, most serious complications due to diabetes are likely to happen.