Getting a Better Life with Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology

Getting a Better Life with Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology

Whenever you experience diabetes or problem relates to endocrine, don’t be doubt to visit Texas Dabetes and Endocrinology. It is a recommended place to visit because you can get treatment for your problem. Even, it also offers various services to improve your health and life. The goal of this institute is for making their client’s life better than before.

What is Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology?

As mentioned before, it is best institution you can visit to treat your health problem, especially diabetes and endocrine problem. It was founded by Dr. Thomas Blevins in 2001 and becomes trusted institution for many clients. Why you need to choose this institution? It is because every staff of this institution is experienced staff that has competence in diabetes and endocrinology field.

Some of you may be curious about the staff. Actually, this institution hires endocrinologists and physicians who have mastered about treatment for treating diabetes and endocrine problem. Even, every staff should have certification to work in this institution. So, don’t be doubt to visit this place whenever you want to consult about problem you have.

And for your information, there are some services offered by this institution. Every service is useful and helpful. Every treatment conveyed by endocrinologist and physicians is always updated based on the latest technology. We can mention that Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology is the best institution that will give best treatment relates to diabetes and endocrine.

Services Offered by Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology

As mentioned before, there are some services offered by Texas Diabetes and endocrinology or TD&E, the services are:

·         Diabetes

It is a service or program offered by TD&E for people who experience type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes. By using the latest technology, every doctor in TD&E will give best treatment for every client to treat diabetes properly. As we know that diabetes can cause complication. So, TD&E will help every client to avoid serious problem caused by diabetes. The service includes dietitian services by Texas Nutrition Consultants, weight management program, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring, diabetes educations conveyed by certified diabetes educators, and research program. So, don’t be doubt to choose this program if you are diabetes patient. Get a better life with TD&E although you have a disease called diabetes. Remember that diabetes will not cause serious problem as long as you can control your blood sugar level. And it can be done at TD&E.

·         Thyroid & Imaging

It is other service offered by TD&E. This service is useful for every person to know whether you have thyroid problem or not. There are some conditions caused by thyroid problem. For example is hypothyroidism which the symptoms are lack of energy, dry skin, irregular menstrual period, and getting cold easily. There is also condition named hyperthyroidism which the symptoms are trouble sleeping, fast heartbeats, frequent bowel movements, increased sweating, and muscle weakness. Sometime, the condition of abnormal thyroid will cause thyroid nodules. Don’t be doubt to visit TD&E to monitor your condition. Every staff of TD&E will check your condition by conducting thyroid biopsy and other treatment to know whether you have thyroid problem or not. It is useful because you can treat the problem earlier before your condition becomes worse. As we know that treating a problem earlier will prevent serious problem in the future.

·         Weight Loss Program

Actually, obesity is a problem. Yes, this condition makes you easier to experience various diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and many more. So, don’t be doubt to visit TD&E and choose weight loss program. Every staff at TD&E will guide you to do weight loss program. For your information, every way used by TD&E in weight loss program is effective way to lose your weight. Weight loss program is also good program for diabetes patient. Diabetes patient need to have ideal body because obesity can make diabetes becomes worse. The weight loss strategies of TD&E include diet, nutrition education, exercise plans, and also FDA-approved weight loss medications. But, FDA-approved weight loss medications will be given if necessary. By choosing weight loss program, you can control your weight to have better life. Remember that obesity just causes problem. So, you have to get ideal body to be healthier than before.

·         Heart Disease Prevention

There are some diseases that can cause fatality. Heart disease is one of diseases that can cause fatality, even without any warning symptoms. The best way to do is doing preventive action, such as getting test to know whether you have a risk to experience heart disease or not. At TD&E, you can get some tests to check your condition. The tests are CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) and Advanced Lipid Testing. CIMT is useful test to know about your risk in getting cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke. TD&E has ultrasound equipment and certified sonographers on-site to do CIMT test. Finally, the staff will inform you about the result. And Advanced Lipid Testing is other test to know about your risk in getting heart attack. Advanced lipid testing is better than traditional cholesterol measurement. Why? This test can detect the risk effectively.

·         Osteoporosis Treatment

It is other service offered by TD&E. This service is much recommended for women after facing menopause. As we know that osteoporosis often attacks women bones. So, if you are women who have faced menopause, try to choose this program. TD&E offers bone density test to know about your bone density. By conducting this test, TD&E will inform you about your risk to get osteoporosis. TD&E will also give you treatment if your bone density is low. Finally, you can prevent serious problem caused by low bone density, include osteoporosis. Osteoporosis treatment also includes exercise especially weight-bearing to maintain healthy bones. If you choose Osteoporosis treatment, you will meet certified staffs who know well about bone density. The certification is from International Society of Clinical Densitometry.

From explanation above, we can conclude that TD&E is a recommended institution for every person who wants to have healthier body and better life. Treat your diabetes and endocrine problem by visiting Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology as soon as possible.

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