Health Care Provider Legal Definition

Health Care Provider Legal Definition

Complete Explanations About Health Care Provider Legal Definition

As common people, we have to know the health care provider legal definition. The term often appears when we get sick and need medical attention. The term also appears when we are about to sign a policy of health insurance. Today, having health care provider is one of the most important aspects in our lives. We need to make sure that whenever we get sick or get involved in an accident, there will be professional health care providers that will take care of us. Below, you will find the definition of health care provider and find out one by one of who are considered as health care provider.

  1. The Legal Definition of Health Care Provider

The health care provider legal definition according to the federal regulations of the United States of America is anyone who helps to identify, prevent, and treat any diseases, illness, and disability. In this case, it is safe to say that people who have the profession as doctor, dentist, clinical psychologist, nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife, surgeon, clinical social workers and so on are the legal health care providers. As long as they are authorized to practice by the legal law of the state, they can be considered as health care providers. Having them around means that you have your health protected. They will be ready to keep you healthy and to help you recover from any illnesses.

  1. Further Explanations about Health Care Providers

Now that you know exactly who the health care providers are (and not all of them are mentioned above, there are still many more.), you need to know the further information about them. The health care providers mentioned above are just a few examples. There are still many more of them outside that you can find.

  • Doctor

Surely doctor is one of the most important health care providers that you have to find around. Doctor is professional medical staffs who are licensed and able to perform medical action including treating people who are hurt and ill. Doctor is trained at medical school and trained to practice the healing art. Doctor can be just a general doctor or take specialty like if a doctor is specialized in skin, he is called a dermatologist. If a doctor is specialized in women’s reproductive health, then he is called a gynecologist. Having a personal doctor or family doctor can be very important because we never know when we will get sick. So, having a personal doctor or family doctor that you can call anytime can be a huge advantage. Just make sure that the doctor is fully licensed and professional.

  • Dentist

Dentist is a doctor who is qualified and specialized to treat any health conditions and diseases related to teeth and gums. Dentist is also the one capable to repair teeth, extract teeth, and install artificial teeth. Dentist is very important to visit especially if you have small children. They need to have healthy teeth even though their teeth are just baby teeth. If you find a dentist, make sure that the dentist is licensed by the law of the state so that everything that he does is 100% professional.

  • Clinical Psychologist

A health care provider is not only someone who can treat physical illness. Mental illness is also an illness and it needs to be treated as well. The professionals who can treat mental illness and psychological problem is called a clinical psychologist. Clinical psychologist has the proper training in diagnosing and treating mental illness, behavioral illness, and emotional illness as well. Being healthy is not about being physically healthy but being mentally healthy as well. That is why having a create clinical psychologist to be around you when you need to talk about what bothers you can be really essential.

  • Nurse Practitioner

Nurse is someone responsible of taking care of the sick in the hospital. Nurse is also responsible to give the medical attention to the sick. Nurse is working in hospital, clinic, and health center. A nurse must be registered to be able to take care of the sick. Even though the usual place to find a nurse is in a hospital, you can also have a nurse coming in your place to take care of the sick at home. The jobs of a nurse are including giving shots or injections, measuring the blood pressure, giving medicines, and so on.

  • Nurse-Midwife

Nurse-midwife or often called only “midwife” is someone who assists a woman in childbirth. This profession is usually possessed by women and to be a midwife, someone does not have to go to medical school. There is usually midwife program in nursing school. Midwife is usually summoned to a house if the woman who is about to give birth wishes to have a homebirth. To make sure that the midwife that you call is the professional and licensed one, you need to get the recommendation from nearest hospital or from nearest medical center.

  • Surgeon

A surgeon is someone who is trained, qualified, and capable to do perform surgery. Sometimes we do get sick and often the sickness is not so mild. In that case, surgery must be done. Beside of the regular doctor, of course we need surgeon to perform the surgery. Surgeon went to medical school just like doctor so that they know exactly what to do when doing the surgery practice.

  • Clinical Social Workers

Clinical social workers are those who are working in the medical field but not necessarily as doctors or psychologist. They are providing mental support especially for the people who are in need or for the mentally sick people.

Now that you know the definition of health care provider and the further explanation about who are considered as health care providers, you will understand how important it is to have them around. They will provide legal health care for you and give you the proper help to recover from your illness. The explanation about the health care provider legal definition can really help you to get a better well being.

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