How Do I Know If I Have Diabetes? Study the Following Symptoms

How Do I Know If I Have Diabetes? Study the Following Symptoms

Knowing the facts of diabetes sometimes makes people worry and feel troublesome. “Then, how do i know if i have diabetes?” To make sure whether you are having this disease or not, you can check by reading the following explanation.

Common symptoms of diabetes type 1 and type2

Before jumping right to the symptoms, know the difference between these two first. The Type 1 diabetes is to call when there are islet cells in the pancreas, which are no longer able to produce insulin. This one belongs to autoimmune disease, which makes it no longer functional. On the other hand, the type 2 diabetes is related to the lifestyle. People with diabetes type 2 usually have lack of exercise and consume too much sugar.

Both of type 1 and type 2 has similar symptoms. First is having excessive thirst and hunger. It is accompanied with blurry vision and feeling irritable. Second is frequent urination. Occasionally, people who is suffering from diabetes will wake 3 or even more times during the night to urinate. The third symptom is having a fatigue, moreover, when you have just finished eating. Last, if you have wounds, it will not heal or healed but slowly.

Other symptoms of diabetes type1

The diabetes type1 is different with diabetestype2. The type 1 is generally diagnosed  in young adults and children. Even so, it does not limit the chance that diabetes type only occurs in that age. Children who have diabetes type1 usually have common additional symptoms. It includes sudden and unintentional weight loss and wetting the bed (for children who are usually being dry at night). For girls, they might have yeast infection in the prepubescent area.

Besides that, children usually also has flu like symptoms. It includes nausea, loss of consciousness, vomiting, breathing problems, and even breath that smells like fruits. The flulike symptom is due to the building up of ketones I the bloodstream. This condition is also known as diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA. It includes in the medical emergency, which requires immediate medical treatment.

Other symptoms of diabetes type2

Besides all the general symptoms previously, there are still some signs, which you can use to determine whether you have diabetes type 2 or not. The first sign is persistent infection. It also means slow healing wound. The second one is complications. It is associated with prolonged high sugar level, for example tingling or numbness in the feet. Last is heart problem.

Not all of those signs might be obvious. As diabetes 2 develops for long time, it can take years for you to realize it. Moreover, the warning signs can be subtle as well. For a better option, you can follow the suggestion below.

How to read your body’s condition for sure

Even though you have known all the symptoms, you cannot just simply draw conclusion if you have one or two condition above. Those symptoms are only some samples in common diabetes case. It is better to take a note of your daily lifestyle. Besides that, seeing the doctor is also a further step you can take to make sure. You will have blood test to diagnose whether you are suffering diabetes or not.

The results of the diagnosis are in three different classifications. The first one is normal, it means that you are having healthy life style and does not have the inheritable type 1 diabetes. The second classification is pre-diabetic. It means that you are in high risk of developing diabetes. You can still prevent it by having healthy life style and make some changes to what you have at that moment.

Meanwhile, the last one is diabetic. If you are in this condition, you should not let yourself down. Stand on your feet, get up and do anything possible to overcome this disease. There are many things, which you still can do to make you live a better life rather than giving up.

You can treat diabetes in many ways. People with diabetes type 1 can survive by taking insulin. Meanwhile, people with diabetes type 2 have the possibility to control their condition through lifestyle change. It includes diet, careful monitoring, as well as physical activity. For more, oral or inject able medications including insulin may need to be taken if people with diabetes type have the difficulty in controlling the blood sugar level.

No matter what the result is, it is better to check yourself sooner. You can do any prevention needed if you belong to the second classification. For your information, diabetes is a long-term damage. It is the result from uncontrolled blood sugar. Therefore, if you can have right treatment to control your blood sugar level, you can delay or even pushing off the diabetes.

After you checked your body, then what you are doing after it become the most important thing. If you belong to the pre-diabetic or diabetic group, then you need to take repeatedly blood test for every 3 months. It is to monitor the improvement you have for your condition, or if there is worse condition.

People who are at risk for diabetes

Diabetes can attack anyone at anytime. However, from many diabetes cases, it can be drawn a line of people who usually have the risk. For the diabetes 1,it usually attack young adults and those with immediate relative with the diabetes type 1.

On the other hand, the diabetes type 2 has more people who are at risk. Any people who are over 45 has the risk of it. Even if younger, people who are overweight, smoke, and have high blood pressure are also in high risk of having diabetes type 2. For more, people with certain ethnicities, or they who have family history of diabetes also have the high possibilities of having diabetes 2. High blood pressure and history of insulin resistance are also two most common causes, which makes people at risk.

After reading all the symptoms above, we highly hope that you can get the right answer of question such as “how do i know if i have diabetes?” and know what to do next.

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