How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety Naturally

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Tips on How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety Naturally

To survive from the mental health problem, many people are questioning on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally. Stress and anxiety disorders are the common mental health found in many countries. In the world’s survey, it can be said that there is one of five people who are suffering those mental health problem. There are many forms of anxiety. You may be familiar with generalized anxiety disorder which happens to person who is worry about their everyday things. Moreover, there are also obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.  Many kinds of medications are available to treat these mental health problems. The medications are essential component to manage the stress and anxiety. However, there are some medications which can be done naturally. You can do the technique by yourself. These natural medications are sure to help you to calm down. The natural medications can be placed as medications or as supplement. When you feel stressed and anxiety, you can try these steps on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally.

Take your time

Affirmations are the positive way to calm you down. Give self affirming message to yourself. If you are feeling anxiety, calm yourself and be positive is the best way. Try to say ‘All is well’ or ‘I can cope, just take a deep breath and everything will be ok’ to yourself. Then practice yoga, meditate, listen to music, learn relaxation techniques or get a massage. Doing something to leave the problem for a while will help you to clear your head. Do something you like the most.

Eat well

Way on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally is also about the good meal. If you feel stressed, don’t skip your meals. When you don’t feel not to eat big meal, you can change to healthful and energy boosting snacks. Keeping the balance of your blood sugar level is important to stabilize the mood. Make sure you have a small meal which contains protein in every 2 or 3 hours. For instance, you can get lettuce and a hard-boiled egg, a small can of tuna, brown rice and 10-12 almonds.

Limit alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine can exaggerate the anxiety disorder and cause panic attacks. Caffeine can increase the body’s adrenaline which you need to reduce during the mental health problems happened. Keep away consuming coffee, guarana, colas, chocolate and avoid to drink tea more than 2 cups in a day.

Get enough sleep

The easy way on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally is to get you a good sleep. Make your body to take a rest. Have additional sleep will help you.

Take deep breaths

Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. The more you feel anxious, the shallower you breathing and the higher in the chest might be. Try to lengthen your breath consciously, then breathe deeper into your tummy. Count to three for the in-breath and four for the out-breath.

Count to 10 repeatedly

A simple way on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally is to count to 10 or 20 and do it repeatedly. This way will make you focus on the counting and calm you down.

Do your best

Don’t force yourself to be a perfect person. You know that nobody is perfect. Be proud of what you have got and ensure yourself that you have already done your best.

Accept everything that you cannot control

Put your anxiety and stress into a perspective that what happened is as bad as you think or not.

Welcome humor

Having a good laugh is one of the way how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally. It helps you to relieve the stress and anxiety. Get a food sense of humor and laugh out loud. Even by having a fake laugh, you can still get instant dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain which can control the feeling of pleasure and reward. If you are too embarrassed to laugh by yourself, you can use the technology. There is a phone app to have laugh track. Google the phone apps for laughing and install to your phone. The study found that laughing can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, this hormone is increasing when you are stress or anxious.

Keep up a positive attitude

Always think of positive attitude. Make an effort to erase the negative thought into the positive thought.

Be active

Be more active in volunteering or finding another way in the community. This will create a network to support you. Moreover, it gives you a break on the new routine so you can forget the stress you have.

Learn your anxiety’s cause

Find the cause of your anxiety is one of solutions on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally. Is it about work, school, family or anything else? You can write a journal when you feel anxious or stressed, then try to find the pattern.

Talk to someone

Meet your friends and family, and then tell them what you feel and let them help you. At least, they can listen to you. If you are not confident enough, you can talk to physician and therapist for the help from professional. Phone your closed person. Knowing that you are in stressful situation, being heard, and understanding by someone can really helpful in reducing the stress level. Although it isn’t physically help.


The sense of aromatherapy smell can improve the cognitive brain. Light the incense such as sandalwood or nag champa. Burn the aromatherapy oils such as rose and lavender. Moreover, use your favorite cologne or perfume is way how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally. Lavender can calm you.  Some people even put a drop in their collarbone. The smell is very relaxing. Rub it gently in your temple. The odor floats up.

Circuit breaker

Forget about your stress for a while. Get your problem off your mind. The problem can’t go everywhere, but you can. Take a walk with your dog. Reread your emails, the funniest. Listen to your favorite songs. Go to the beach. Drink a cup of tea can be your way on how to deal with stress and anxiety naturally.

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