How to Not Be Stressed About Money

How to Not Be Stressed About Money

Tips on How to Not Be Stressed About Money

It is important for everyone to know how to not be stressed about money. Based on a research, most Americans are stressed about money. Different people have this condition for different reasons. The rich ones are worrying that their money is not enough for emergency fun and comfortable pension. Others who are not rich worry that their money is not enough to meet their current expense.

If you are worrying about your financial condition too much, you must start managing your stress right now. It may not be easy at first. But, you can have a worry free life if you are determined to do it. Here are some tips on how to not be stressed about money.

Make yourself feel more optimistic

It is understandable that you are feeling anxious and low at times. When you feel this way, you will likely worry about your money and future financial condition. To cope with this feeling, you can try to be more active. Hiding your feelings or retreating from life will only make you feel worse. If you do not have enough money to hang out with friends, you can go for exercise. Jogging and walking in the park or around your neighborhood can boost your mood. Exercise will, of course, make you fit. As a result you will feel better inside out.

To cope with your anxiety, you must face your fears. Stressing about money can make some people less confident. It makes them feel reluctant to talk to others. Anxiety can even make some people feel unconfident in doing certain activities, such as driving. If you feel anxious with your financial condition, you had better talk to friends or relatives. Ask their advices on how to deal with your financial problems. You may be surprised how their advice can make you feel better and even help you fix your problem in some degree.

When you are feeling low and anxious, you must not use alcohol to make you feel better. Drinking alcohol will only cause other problems. It can even make you feel worse after drinking it. That’s why it is better for you to cut your alcohol intake at this time.

Financial worries are caused by various problems. These problems lead into various thinking trap. Here are some of them and how to deal with it.

Blaming yourself for the financial problem you have

Some people tend to blame themselves (personalizing) as the cause of the problem. For example, you may think that you lose your job because you lack of the quality. Self-blaming will make you feel unconfident, weak, and discouraged. To stop this feeling, you can make a reflection on what happens. And you must ask yourself on what others’ contribution to this problem is. You must tell yourself that it is not all your fault. It is better for you to think that there is a special reason why you have this problem. It may means that you will have better job or better life.

Magnifying the bad thing and minimizing the good thing

It is very common for people to be drawn to negative thought. They will blow up the bad thing and diminish the good thing. For example, you are worrying that your saving is not enough for your retirement days. In this case, you are blowing up the negative thing about it. Instead of doing it, you had better be happy and thankful that you have that saving. Tell yourself that not every person in the world have enough money for this saving. You must congratulate yourself because you have worked hard to save the money. And it is important for you to keep yourself motivated to achieve your financial goal.

Over generalizing

When you see that someone is driving a luxurious car, you may think that he is rich and happy. You may wonder why he can have a wonderful life while you have a pathetic life. This is called over generalizing. Jumping to conclusion is very easy to do. You only see the situation from one aspect and create general rule of this situation. To avoid this kind of thought, you must think all the possibilities. The man driving luxury car may have large debt to buy that car or he may only borrow it from someone.

Being pessimistic

Catastrophic thinking or being very pessimistic is very unhealthy. Here is the example: you heard a rumor that your company is downsizing. And that night, you are waking in the middle of the night worrying that you will be fired, cannot pay your debt, cannot pay your mortgage, cannot feed your wife and kids, and that your wife will divorce you because of this situation.

To stop this chain of pessimistic thoughts, you must truly analyze the situation. Instead of worrying these bad possibilities, you had better think about what you could do with the situation. For example, you can start saving more money as your emergency fund. You must motivate yourself to find the solution for this possible situation.

Believing that someone know what you want

No one will know what you want if you don’t communicate you desires. When you are stressing about your financial condition because your spouse spend too much money on clothes, accessories, or hobbies, you must not keep silent. Your spouse doesn’t know what you think about his/her spending habit. And being silent will only increase your stress level. That’s why it is important for you to communicate your thoughts and worries to your spouse.

When you are stressed about your financial condition, you must remember to stay positive. It is essential for you to try to find the solutions instead of having catastrophic thinking. If you cannot relieve your stress on your own, you may need to get professional help. You must get this professional help when you suffer from anxiety and feeling low for several weeks. You go to a psychologist for a therapy. You may also need financial advisor if you have financial problems that are difficult to be solved. I hope these tips on how to not be stressed about money can relief your stress somehow

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