How to Stop Stressing Out about School

How to Stop Stressing Out about School

4 Ways How to Stop Stressing Out about School for Your Kids and Students

Whether you are parents or students this article will help you about how to stop stressing out about school. Stress can happen in most of students’ life in any level of education. There are so many triggers about this tress that they feel. It can be heavy tasks and assignments at school or at home, unpleasant teachers, difficult subjects and unfair situation that students get.  All of these triggers have bad effects for the kids. They will feel uncomfortable to study at school and they will reluctant to go to school. It is also possible for them to find rebound outside school that force them to lie to the parents about their activity.

That is why physical health is not the only important thing to be noticed but also their mental health need to be prioritized. So that, students can handle and overcome any problems and difficulties they have. They can also control their emotions well. In here, teacher and parents’ role are needed. Teacher as their parents at school, and mother and father as their parents at home have to be reactive if they notice some changes in their behavior and attitude. Parents and teachers need to do preventive act and to overcome their students and kids’ problems so they will not feel so much stress.

There are many factors that cause students’ stress. Usually, those factors are divided into two; external and internal. Let’s find out this following information about external and internal factors that cause stress to your students and kids.

  1. External factor that causing stress to students

This external factor comes from their school and their environment (school friends), for example:

  1. Subjects given at school are too difficult and it is not suitable with children’s ability
  2. Teachers are less accommodative
  3. Low self-esteem that the kids have when they see their other friends’ strength and ability
  4. Distraction from their annoying friends. It can be verbal and physic abuse including intimidation and bullying.
  5. Internal factor that causing stress to students

This factor comes from the most important environment which is family, for example:

  1. Parents are demanding too much toward their kids. Parents set so many targets that their kids have to achieve regardless their ability or interests.
  2. Wrong parenting way, including abusing, punishing and intimidating to their own kids whether it is because small things or serious problem.

III.Multi factors

This factor is a mixing between external and internal factor. For example, a kid is already depressed and had so many pressures about his situation at home because of his parents. He sees his parents fight every day because certain conflict and financial problem they must overcome. This situation makes him feel much uncomfortable to stay at home.

This situation above will lead him to not be able to do his homework given by his teacher at school. He cannot concentrate and focus to study. He will miss his lessons and get bad scores that make him feel ashamed compare to his friends. It will get worse if the teacher labels him with a lazy student, an annoying student and other that put him in a corner. It will make him become stressful more and more.

How to stop stressing about school?

  1. If the trigger of his stress is too many lessons he needs to do, so the parents should communicate with school. They can discuss with his son’s teacher to have consensus solution. Maybe there will be an extra lesson and attention to this kid that is suitable for his portion. In this case, parents need to be realistic and to accept the fact that his kid’s ability is far from his school’s high expectation. If the expectation is too high and his kid cannot reach it and there is nothing his school can do, it is better to transfer your kid to another school. Choose a school that can be caught up with your kid’s ability. It will be the wisest solution for the sake of your kid.
  2. If the trigger of his stress comes from the situation at his house, then parents need to realize, that the situation you create give bad effect to your kid’s development emotionally and physically. Parents are required to behave wisely and be good example for your kids so it will not give bad influence to your kid. Act normally in front of your kid even though you have severe problem you must handle. As parents you need to keep peace situation and comfortable situation at your home even though you are surrounded with many problems.
  3. If the trigger of his stress comes from his friends’ attitudes, then parents need to tell their kid about wise knowledge and mindset so the kid will endure and control himself whenever he find unpleasant experience with his friends and his environment. In this way, your kid will have healthy mental and always have positive mind in every experience he have to go through. He will have wise attitude, always feel relax in facing every condition and situation in front of him.
  4. If the trigger of his stress comes from himself, for example he changes his attitude in some ways. The changes can be; he finds difficulties to study, tends to ignore his homework and assignments and reluctant to go to school. The first step parents need to do is to find out what the factors that causes the changes. So, later parents can give the right solutions to fix his mental. Because of his kid’s condition and level of maturity, he tends to fix his own problem without thinking the further effect. He will find stupid and reckless short cut to fix it if parents are too late to help him.

For example, a student in elementary student can abuse his other friends severely until pass out or even died. This student maybe just want to express his piss toward his friends until he feels that doing such thing will fix everything. Even though the trigger of his piss only a small thing, he can do further actions that can give bad effect to his friends.

In this case, parents should do his job to educate their kid wisely and patiently with special attention. So, the stress that your kid feels will be gone slowly.

That is why parents and teacher’s role are very important to overcome your kids and students’ stress. Parents and teachers are demanded to find preventive act and solution. Parents need to read other references about how to stop stressing out about school so their kids will always have positive attitude toward any situations in front of him

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