Icd 10 Code or Type 2 Diabetes – Medicine Code for Diabetes

Medicine Code for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of dangerous diseases in the world. If we do not directly give the right treatment, we can suffer more diseases caused by diabetes. Some new diseases that can be suffered by people who suffer diabetes are cancer, cardiovascular attack, etc.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. They are diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 1 is suffered by the people who cannot produce the insulin in their body. While diabetes type 2 is suffered by the people who have problem with insulin production. Their body can produce insulin but it could not work well. Both of diabetes type one and type 2 could not control the blood sugar.

Usually the people who suffer diabetes type 1 are young people. They are the people under twenty. They can suffer this disease because of genetic and environmental factor. Most of them are caused by the environmental factor. While diabetes type 2 is suffered by people whose age more than 30 years old. Most of the people who suffer this type of diabetes are caused by genetic factor. They can suffer because one of their parents or their siblings suffer this disease. So, for the people who have diabetes parents they have to check their blood sugar.

Symptoms of diabetes

There are some symptoms of diabetes. The common symptom is the people get obese, especially the people who suffer diabetes type 1. There are the similarities symptoms of diabetes type 1 and type 2. The first, the people easily feel tired. The people could not do hard activities because they easily get fatigue. The second, the people easily get hungry. They willing to eat many foods but they easily get hungry. The third, the people easily get thirsty. They always drink much water every day. That is why the people who suffer diabetes often go to the toilet. The fourth, if the people get injury or sore in their body, it is hard to be cured. It need long time to heal their sore. And the last is, the people who suffer diabetes usually do not have good vision. Sometimes their view is blurr so they could not see an abject clearly, especially at night.

Treatment for diabetes

There are some treatments that are used to heal diabetes. For the people who suffer diabetes type 1, they can go to the hospital and have insulin injection. They have to do the injection every 2 or 3 days. And then, they also can have a balance diet. As we know that many junk food available in our city. If we could not control ourselves and eat too many junk foods, it makes your diabetes going worse. We can choose the healthy food. If you want to make sure that your diet is really controlled, you can go to the nutritionist. The nutritionist will help you to manage your food, including the calories you need, the sugar, and everything. They will arrange your food schedule and you can follow it.

The last treatment is by consulting your diseases to the doctor. You can go to the doctor regularly to check your blood sugar. The doctor will show you the result and can decide which kind of treatment is good for you. In addition, the doctor will also give you some medicine for your medication. You also can consume herbal medicine that is proven to heal diabetes. There are many kinds of herbal medicine offer for us.

Code for diabetes type 1 and type 2

There are many codes for diabetes. It is very important because it is very dangerous if the people get wrong code. There are some categories of codes. It is classified based on the type of the diseases. The choice of the category or ICD is taken from the doctor’s recommendation. ICD is the international statistical Classification of a Disease. So, the ICD of diabetes is the same between one country and another country.

There are some ICD of diabetes that we should know. There are some codes for the people who suffer diabetes type 1 without complication. The first is ICD 10 CM E10. 9 is effective on October 2017. The second is American icd 10 CM version of E 10.9. it is merely the same as  ICD 10 CM E10. 9 but they are difference.

Actually the code of diabetes type one and type 2 mere the same. ICD 10 is also used for diabetes type 2. The icd 10 codes for type 2 diabetes without complication are icd 10 CM E11.9 that is used to indicate and diagnosis for reimbursement. There are two kinds of icd 10 CM E11.9. The first is icd 10 CM E11.9 for 2018 edition. It is can be used on October 2017. The second is American icd 10 CM E11.9.

How to avoid diabetes?

For you who do not suffer diabetes, you have to keep your body healthy. Let’s have a healthy life. So, we can avoid some dangerous diseases from our life. We can keep our health by consume healthy food. Many fruits and vegetables are good for our body. Do not consume much sugar and junk food. Many diseases, including diabetes is caused by food. We have to be selective in eating the food.

You also need to keep your health by doing an exercise. Practicing exercise every morning will help you to have good metabolism system. Exercise also can eliminate some unimportant essence from our body. We have to do it regularly because it is proven that it can avoid some dangerous diseases.

You also can do medical checkup. You can do it at least once a year. You can ask the doctor about your condition. If it is good, you can continue your days with your good habits and keep consuming the healthy food. If the result is not really good, at least you already know your body condition. You can ask the doctor about the medicine and the treatment that is suitable for you. It is very important so you can avoid the worse disease. Do not be afraid to check your condition to the doctor.

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