Is Oatmeal Good for Diabetics

Is Oatmeal Good for Diabetics?

Diabetics is a condition in which a body is having difficulty to boost insulin. As it is known, insulin works to process glucose in the body. This condition will end up in a high sugar blood stream. There are many ways to overcome this condition such as injecting insulin hormone and controlling the total amount glucose consumed. The easiest one is to control the glucose.

Glucose mainly comes from food, so to control the glucose, controlling food is the key. It has been a general phenomenon that diabetic patients have many rules in choosing their diet. They are restricted to some food especially the one with high carbs or fats and only allowed to food with low carbs. This leads to many myths and opinions about some certain foods including oatmeal. Is oatmeal good for diabetics?

The Answers

The question is a little bit tricky. There is no exact and right answer for the question, and it varies for everyone. However, the most possible answer is yes it could be good for diabetics. Since diabetes has two types and one of them is intolerant for any high carb food, oatmeal can be not good for the type. The answer varies because it depends on each individual’s blood sugar. If the blood sugar stream is very high, oatmeal can be still a no to be consumed.

Oatmeal in other hand contains good fiber, abundant nutrients, and also high carbs. This could be good for the prediabetics, but it is bad for those who need to make the blood sugar stream lower. The substance is very suitable for diabetic patients that still tolerant with carbs.

Oatmeal Nutrition

Well known for its high nutrition, the American Diabetes Association suggests to take 45-60 grams oats for meal and 15-30 grams oats for snacks daily. Different types of oatmeal will result in different amount of nutrition. Thirty-nine grams of regular oats contain 25.84 grams carbs, 2.64 grams fat, 6.58 grams protein, 4.12 grams fiber. Instant oats in twenty-eight grams contain 19.47 grams carbs, 1.93 fat, 3.34 protein, and 2.8 grams fiber. It can be seen that instant oats are less good nutrient in bigger amount.

Based on Glycemic index by the University of Sydney, instant oatmeal porridge has 83 GI in 250 grams it contains 23 grams carbs. In 19 grams Oat Bran with 50-60 GI value contains 5 until 6 grams carbs and in 30 grams uncooked rolled oats contains 19 grams carbs with 59 GI value. In 250 grams quick oats with 65-66 GI value contain 26 grams carbs. The best oats are the traditional porridge whole oats with 51-58 GI value in 250 grams contain 21 grams carbs.

Oatmeal Benefits

Substances in oatmeal can be very advantageous for the consumers. As oatmeal possess high fiber, this could reduce and prevent the risk of colon cancer. The fiber could ease the digest system work especially colon. This food also could protect the skin since it is rich of vitamin E. By consuming oatmeal, people could feel full longer because the high fiber makes oatmeal slow to digest. This will ease weight management and weight loss.

Other than helping to regulate digestion, oatmeal also helps to regulate blood sugar due to low glycemic index and the nutrients such as fiber. As it has low glycemic index, it also could lower the need of insulin injection. Long-term energy can be gained by this food. Finally, viewed from its practicality this food is easy and quick to cook. Without any preservation, the food can stay longer. Based on the benefits of the oatmeal, have you found the answer of ‘is oatmeal good for diabetics?’

Oatmeal Cons

Oatmeal with added sugar can make diabetics worst. Despite unhealthy oatmeal, regular oatmeal can bring some disadvantages such as bloating and flatulence. Those advantages mostly happen when oatmeal is over-consumed and less hydrated. Sadly based on nutritional facts about oats, it contains soluble fiber and soluble fiber is the source of non-digestible polysaccharide. If oats are over-consumed, surely it will stock carbs up.

Best Way to Consume Oatmeal

Add more spices, berries or nuts. Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans are healthy and rich of protein to be consumed with oatmeal. For berries, blue berries, black berries, strawberries are a natural sweetener sugar. Spices including cinnamon, candle nuts, finger roots could add more taste in oatmeal.

Cream the oatmeal with water or low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk. To avoid spike of sugar blood, those mentioned liquid are suitable. Regular milk in eight ounces contains twelve grams of carbs. Fat in regular milk also is higher that could lead to a bigger risk of heart disease.

Consume steel cut or Irish oatmeal. Those types of oats are healthier than other oats such as prepackaged and instant oatmeal. Viewed from their substance steel cut and Irish oatmeal have more soluble fiber than other types. Those oats also are more natural without any processing or added substances.

Add dried fruits, toppings, or sweeteners as least as you can. The more added substances in your oatmeal the more carbs you can get. This surely is against the aim to lower sugar blood stream. Brown sugar, honey, syrup, smoothie, yogurt cream are healthy liquid that most people add in their oats. Sadly, those liquid can be dangerous for health if they are consumed too much.


Based on the nutrition facts, pros, cons, and the best way to consume oatmeal, it can be concluded that oats are good for health and diabetics. However, it still needs to be considered that the blood sugar stream. To prevent higher blood sugar stream this food can be a good alternative to be consumed food. It is important to note also that our body needs varied food. By consuming other rich fiber foods besides oats diabetes could be prevented.

Green veggies also rich fiber. By consuming balanced and varied food daily, diabetes can be reduced. Based on those long explanation about oats, will you still question this ‘is oatmeal good for diabetics?’