Is Watermelon Good For Diabetics?

Is Watermelon Good For Diabetics? Get the Answer Here

Is watermelon good for diabetics? For diabetic people or the one who have friends or relatives who suffer from diabetes, it is important to know the answer. Therefore, here is what you are looking for along with the explanation.

What presents in a watermelon

During the summertime, watermelon becomes the most favorite fruit among the others. However, it is needed to know its nutritional information. As you can see, diabetic people need to watch what they eat, so that it will not raise their blood sugar levels so high. It is true that watermelon has natural sugar. For that reason, eating watermelon might affect the blood sugar level. However, the amount depends on the overall diet.

On the other hand, watermelon also contains other health benefits. They include lots of vitamin such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C. Besides, it also has potassium, magnesium, fiber, iron, and calcium. More precisely, you can fulfill the 31% of daily recommended amount of vitamin A by eating 280 gram of watermelon. Vitamin A is so good to keep your vision healthy and keep your lungs, kidneys, and heart. Moreover, the vitamin C in the same280 gram is founded to be able in fulfilling the 37% of daily recommended intake. Vitamin C can improve heart health and prevent certain types of cancer.

Meanwhile, the fiber found in watermelon can help your body to flush the toxins and give good and healthy condition for the digestive system. Fiber also can help to make you feel full for longer time. Moreover, as more than 90% of watermelon consists of water, it can keep you hydrated.

What the research says

Unfortunately, there is not any research, which involve direct study regarding eating watermelon for diabetic people. Even so, there has been found some evidences that suggest the consumption of watermelon may help to reduce the risk of certain complications related to diabetes.

Nearly 68% of people who suffer diabetes in the age of 65 or older died because of some type of heart disease. In smaller percentage, 16% of them died because of stroke. It makes the American Diabetes Association classified diabetes as one of other seven controllable risk factors for condition such as heart disease.

In response to that, watermelon is field with moderate amount of lycopene. It is a certain pigment, which is responsible in giving the color of watermelon. Lycopene also acts as a powerful antioxidant. There is a possibility that lycopene can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, even though further study is still needed.

The GI and GL of watermelon

When it comes to determine certain food for diabetic people, we need to deal with its Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL). GI looks how fast the sugar in food can enter the bloodstream. The value of GI varies from1 to100 it I determined by comparing certain food with reference item (usually sugar or white bread). Meanwhile, GL is the combination of GI and carbs.

Both GI and GL have different value. Low GI has the value of 55 or less. Medium GI is between55 up to 69. While the high one is any food with vales more than 70. Foods with low GI values are less likely to raise the blood sugar levels. On the other side, low GL has the values of 10or under. Medium GL is between 10 up to 19. While food with more than 19 is considered as high in GL.

For watermelon, it has 72 values of GI and 2 values of GL for each 100 gram serving. You do not need to worry about its GL it is so low. However, the GI level is so high. It means that when you consume watermelon, you need to balance it with food that has low GI number if you do not want to cause blood spike.

Other foods for balance

Even though watermelon offers many benefits, diabetic people needs to be very careful in eating this fruit as it has high GI value. Fresh fruit is always better as it does not have any additional sugar. However, if it is hard o find one in your area, you can also choose canned fruit. Always remember that it should be the one that is soaked in the syrup or fruit juice. Reading the label to make sure that there is no additional sugar is also important to do.

Even though you can choose canned food, it does mean that you can consume it with the above condition to replace fresh fruit. Dried fruit as well as fruit juice is safe as long as they are consumed less than fresh fruit.

Here are some choices of fruit you can choose. Plum;2 whole plums give you 24 GI and 4GL. Grapefruit; 1 average size gives you 25 GI and 7 GL. Peaches; 1 large peaches gives you 28 GI and 5 GL. Apricots; a whole apricots gives you34 GI and 6 GL. Pears; one small pears gives you 37 GI and 2 GL.

Taking watermelon in the diet plan

If you really love watermelon and wish to include it in your weekly meal plan, there are some important things to mind. First, you need to see your diet as a whole. The high level of GI having by watermelon makes you need to consume it moderately. Do not consume it too often and always balance it with other food.

It is better if you can arrange appointment with your doctor to discuss the adding healthy sugar, such as watermelon, in your diet plan. If not, you can also contact a dietitian for helping you in determining the best diet plan. Before discussing it, you can arrange any questions that you want to know such as the recommended portion sizes. It will also be a better idea to ask an advice from dietitian for possible substitute when you cannot get the food on the list of your weekly diet plan.

Those are all information we can share regarding the question of “is watermelon good for diabetics?” We highly hope that the answer and explanation can satisfy your curiosity.