Latest News On Type 1 Diabetes Cure

latest news on type 1 diabetes cure

Latest News On Type 1 Diabetes Cure Helps To Cut Down The Risk Of Chronic Complications

Million studies have been conducted by the most prominent researchers in attempt to discover the most effective cures for diabetes. It is surely involved the deep disappointments and hopes of finding the way out to end the problem with high blood sugar level. Year by year, people living with diabetes are only capable of managing blood glucose level without knowing how to end up all these diseases and promises of the real cure ends with indefinite future, latest news on type 1 diabetes cure reports. Here are some general approaches in dealing with type 1 diabetes cure which are currently pursued in today’s world.

Surprising latest news on type 1 diabetes cure as consideration among researchers

  • Islet and pancreas transplantation

Hundred transplants have been occurred during the decade and the success rate is considered to be improved as the year passes by. In dealing with latest news on type 1 diabetes cure, the islet transplantation has increased in term of its success rates. However, what you need to know is that all the success transplants rely on the immune suppression. Unfortunately, the latest immune suppression ways have side effects that lead to morbidity in diabetes.

  • Biomechanical devices

In these recent years, an artificial pancreas is in the development process that is equipped with the glucose sensor in the form of insulin pump combined with the reservoir. A compute is needed to determine the speed of the pump. This latest news on type 1 diabetes cure has been heard by many diabetics and some of them use it and results in fast progression. Moreover, the problem deals with the less sensitivity, accuracy and stability of the glucose sensor because of the lack of information about the calorie intake.

  • Stem cell therapy and medication

In accordance with latest news on type 1 diabetes cure, most researchers are making an attempt to develop some certain drugs to control the problem with immune malfunction which attacks the beta cells and islets. A study conducted by the researcher reveals that performing injection to the patients with their stem cells will result to the insulin production of beta cells during the limited of time.

  • Bioartificial pancreas

When it deals with the latest news on type 1 diabetes cure, the bioartificial pancreas has the functional and living cells or islets in artificial matrix. Additionally, the matrix may fall into different polymer in which the most commonly found is alginate. The cellular components might be the primary islets of Langerhans which is harvested from the animals or living donors.

There are so many various researches with their own approaches that deal with problem with diabetes. unfortunately, in dealing with latest news on type 1 diabetes cure, type 1 diabetes is considered to be curable, but it has not been released the permanent cure. Among those mentioned approaches of reducing the blood sugar level, the bioartificial pancreas is likely to get more success while the best control of glucose blood level is still advisable to do among people with diabetes.


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