Learn More How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

Don’t Worry Pregnant Women: Learn More How To Avoid Gestational Diabetes

During nine months pregnancy is a kind of stressful condition for women, since there are so many dos and don’ts to be aware of. Most pregnant women will deal with managing healthier lifestyle including maintaining blood sugar level, taking right supplements and avoiding the raw fish and some particular type of fish.

Among those mentioned list above, managing blood sugar level steady is important to do and this is the way how to avoid gestational diabetes. It is important to do so, since the serious risk of gestational diabetes leads to heavier birth weight, birth complications and caesarean delivery.

4 ways how to avoid gestational diabetes among pregnant women

1. Go for healthy lifestyle

In dealing with how to avoid gestational diabetes, it is strongly recommended for pregnant women to choose healthier diet of consuming healthy foods with less sugar, calorie and carbs. In addition, it is also suggested to maintain the weight as well, since overweight is the major cause of being gestational diabetes among the pregnant women. Make sure to check the blood sugar level, since the underlying cause of gestational diabetes is due to the high blood sugar level.

2.Do regular exercise

As mentioned above, that how to avoid gestational diabetes is related to reducing the weight so that the risk of being gestational diabetes can be lessened. When you go for regular exercise, it is also helpful to increase the sensitivity of the pancreas to produce the insulin, so that the blood sugar level will remain steady. In line with it, make sure to do 30-minutes-exercise every day so that it will also reduce the risk of having cardiovascular problems. You can go for swimming, walking or any light exercise to keep you healthy.

3.Arrange the appointment with obstetrician

When it is associated with how to avoid gestational diabetes, it is absolutely suggested to see the obstetrician regularly and you will be screened with gestational diabetes within 23 – 28 weeks during pregnancy. In addition, going to see a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator is advisable to help you manage the healthy lifestyle in attempt to get steady blood sugar level.

4.Consume healthy foods

During pregnancy, your dietitian will suggest you to consume healthier foods that will not spike the blood sugar level during pregnancy and gaining more weight. As it deals with how to avoid gestational diabetes, non-starchy veggies, low-fat dairy, beans, low GI score and legumes are advisable. To get more healthy protein, you can consume lean protein and healthy fats like nuts. Do not excessively consume the high calorie beverages because it contributes to the blood sugar level high and drink more fresh water, as substitute.

While those mentioned tips on how to avoid gestational diabetes are extremely helpful to manage the blood sugar level, some pregnant women still need to do another medical treatments including consuming some supplements and doing insulin injection. But, when you realize how important to know the earlier symptoms of gestational diabetes, it will be good for both baby and mother to live in the healthiest state.

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