List of Current Events Affecting Health Care

List of Current Events Affecting Health Care

List of Current Events Affecting Health Care

These days, there are many current events affecting health care for people. Many bad things happen to this world and most of them causing the degradation of well-being for many people. Say for example, global warming. Global warming is one of the most obvious results of the greediness of humans in exploit this earth. As the result, climate changing cannot be avoided and humans’ health is getting worse and worse day by day. That is why we need to know the list of the current events affecting health care for people so that we can know the major problem and can find the ultimate solution. Below is the list.

  1. Laziness to Exercise

We know these days a lot of people are having problem with their weights. They eat unhealthily but they do not want to get exercise. As the result, they have too many excess fats in their body and it causes overweight problem. You know what overweight can do to your health. It is horrifying because overweight can indeed trigger obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart problem, kidney failure, cancer, and so many bad things. People these days probably do go to the gym or do wear their exercise outfit but they just do that to take selfie. They do that so that they can upload their “exercise” pictures to Facebook, Instagram, and stuff to trick other people. Their friends will think that they do exercise but as a matter of fact, they don’t. This social media addiction is causing people to get lazier and lazier. This needs to stop and people need to get real exercise. They need to move their body and burn some fat. Exercise is not only important to keep the weight down but also to keep the heart healthy.  Doing exercise does not have to be at the gym or something, doing something simple like swimming, jogging, or bicycling is also counted as exercise. So, just try some exercises in daily basis for the sake of our health.

  1. Unhealthy Foods

Our society today loves to eat unhealthy foods. Ironically, parents also often give unhealthy foods to their children. What is considered as unhealthy food is the kind of food that gives your body nothing beneficial. Say for example, junk food. Junk food has everything in the name. Yes, it is junk. Junk foods that you can usually get in food chain restaurant are not healthily prepared. They come to the restaurant in frozen form and what is done in the restaurant is only warm them up. Junk food like unhealthy cheeseburger, fries, coke, pizza, and so on that you can get in that kind of restaurant will really be a disaster for your body if they are consumed constantly. For instance, those kinds of foods are full of saturated fat. Saturated fat is the kind of fat that you do not want it to be in your body. It is the kind of fat that trigger diabetes, stroke, heart failure, and so on. That is why if you care of your health, you need to leave those kinds of foods behind. It is hard, very hard indeed to do that nowadays. Especially because the current events today is related to the trend of eating without fuss. So, people no longer care to spend hours in the kitchen cooking for the family. They would rather to take the whole family to a food chain restaurant and have dinner there. It is a very bad habit that will set everyone in the family to a disastrous fate. Can you imagine what happens if you eat junk food since young age? You will get obese by the time you get into adolescence or even sooner. Thus, leave the habit of eating junk food behind like right now and eat healthy food. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day and get a healthy life from now on.

  1. Party Hard Habit

What often happens to people today is the habit of party hard. Every day after work they go to a local bar with some friends to have some drink. In the end of the day, they will go home drunk and as a complete mess. In the morning they will wake up with the worst hangover and no memory of what happened last night. This kind of lifestyle is really damaging our health. For example, we drink alcohol is huge amount in occasion like that. When that happens, our body is going to struggle so hard to maintain its function optimally. Alcohol is really bad for our health especially for the kidney. The kidney has to work twice as hard as usual to process alcohol. That is why alcohol is very bad for our health. Alcohol can cause dehydration as well and it is draining our energy and most of the optimal function of our organs. This is why you must leave the habit of getting drunk immediately. It has nothing but destruction toward your health.

  1. Sleeping Late Habit

One of the most current bad habits people have nowadays is the habit of sleeping late. Back then, we can sleep before midnight. Today, with internet and stuff, it is impossible to sleep before midnight. Even when we already lay in the bed ready to get some sleep, we still have our smart phone around. Then, we will end up opening our social media using the phone for hours. By the time we get bored and decide to get back to sleep, it is already three in the morning. By eight we have to get ready for work. It is damaging our health. Slowly but surely, your body will get damaged. That is why you need to realize that your body needs some time to rest. It needs to get a break so that it can run its function easily in the morning. Give your body that break and get some rest like at least six hours a day. It will keep your body healthy. This is one of the recent and current events affecting health care today. We need to get that nice sleep at least to keep our body healthy.

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