Low Carb Snack for Diabetics which Deliciously Healthy

Low Carb Snack for Diabetics which Deliciously Healthy

Low carb snack for diabetics are good options for you who are craving something to eat while having problem with blood sugar level. Selecting healthy snacks for diabetes sufferer can be challenging. Make sure to choose the ones rich in fiber, protein as well as good fats. These are several healthy snacks that can be consumed by diabetics.

  • Get protein intake from tuna salad

Even though diabetics have limitation on food choices, it does not mean they cannot eat delicious foods. Tuna salad not only provide good protein source but also serves as fresh snack to consume. This recipe made by using tuna as main ingredients and adds it with mayonnaise, celery, and onions in common. You can get around 22 grams of protein without any carbohydrates in every 3 ounce of tuna salad. That’s why it can be great snack option or diabetics.

Not only rich in protein, tuna offer good source of omega-3 fatty acids as well. This nutrient is required by diabetes sufferers as it can reduce the inflammation and make the blood sugar under control. There is no certain recipe in making tuna salad. You even can go with healthier and higher protein option by replacing mayonnaise with either yogurt or cottage cheese.

  • Enjoy some popcorn to avoid high calorie

Diabetics may envy healthy people who can eat everything. In fact, popcorn which is renowned as very popular snack can be consumed by people with diabetes, too. It is because popcorn is made from whole-grain ingredients. It will not raise your blood sugar since it is low in calorie. You only will get 31 calories on each cup of popcorn.

Consuming low calorie snack is good for weight control as it lower blood sugar level as well as maintains type 2 diabates. Another factor which makes popcorn as good snack for diabetics is each cup of it contains a gram of fiber. However, you had better to avoid consumption of prepackaged ones as it comes with salt and unhealthy fats. Instead, make your own air-pop popcorn because it will be much healthier.

  • Another protein source from hard boiled eggs

Looking for healthy snack for diabetics? Hard boiled eggs are worth to try. Consuming one large egg allows you to get 6 grams of protein. This is really beneficial for diabetics as it can maintain blood sugar from increasing rapidly after eating.

Besides, eggs maintain type 2 diabetes well since they promote full felling after the consumption. As we know, diabetes is often linked with overweight and heart disease. Enjoying one or two hard boiled eggs themselves is enough as snack. However, if you want to get richer taste, you can combine them with guacamole as topping.

  • The power of berries as snack

You shouldn’t hesitate the combination of berries and yogurt as diabetics snack. This snack is friendly for diabetes sufferers for several reasons. First, berries contain antioxidants that decrease inflammation as well as inhibit the damage of pancreas cells producing hormones that control blood sugar level.

Moreover, berries are high of fiber. 4 grams of fiber can be obtained in a cup of berries. It is not only promotes better digestion but also makes blood sugar level stable after eating.

Meanwhile, yogurt contains probiotics which promotes better metabolism on sugary foods. It leads to lower blood sugar levels. Yogurt also has high protein that helps to maintain blood sugar level from rising too high. Greek yogurt for example is completely rich in protein so it is good to be eaten by diabetics.

Combination of berries and yogurt as low carb snack for diabetics offers delicious taste. Sweetness that comes from berries will balance the tart taste of yogurt. People often mix them together to be eaten as snack or layer them each other for parfait option.

  • A handful of almonds save blood sugar

Not only becomes good snack for healthy people, this nutritious snack is also available for people who suffer from diabetes. In an ounce of almonds, you are able to get over than 15 vitamins and minerals. Even consume it an ounce each day can fulfill 32 percent recommended need of manganese, 19 percent of magnesium, as well as 17 percent of riboflavin. Due to this high nutrients content, almonds have ability to maintain blood sugar in diabetics. It also helps to reduce insulin level which can be worse if it rises too high.

Almonds make the blood sugar more stable because they are not only rich in fiber and protein but also healthy fats which play major role in managing diabetes. In addition, almonds promote better heart health by decreasing cholesterol level. People who consume almonds commonly can manage the weight quite better. Good management of heart health and weight become effective prevention for type 2 diabetes. However, almonds have fairly amount of calories so that eating a handful of them is enough.

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables are high in fiber, vitamin, and minerals. Raw vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, or bell pepper can be eaten raw as snack and it often combined with hummus which is a chickpeas that made into creamy spread. Just dip those veggies into the hummus and you can directly eat them. Hummus is also rich in protein because on each tablespoon of it, you can get 3 grams of protein. This actually helps to make the blood sugar in people with diabetics remain under control.

Some fruits are recommended for diabetics such as avocado that help to maintain the blood sugar. Avocado contains both high fiber and monounsaturated fats so that it is safe for diabetes sufferers. Those will prevent the blood sugar to rise significantly after eat. People suffering from type 2 diabetes who get monounsaturated fats through their diet regularly have better blood sugar level.

Avocado can be consumed on its own or create it into a dip like hummus. However, you have to know that avocado contains quite high calories. So, one-fourth or one-half becomes recommended serving of it if you want to take it as low carb snack for diabetics.

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