Normal Blood Sugar Level for Diabetic

Things to Know about Normal Blood Sugar Level for Diabetic

Usually, your pancreas will release insulin in your blood sugar or known as “blood glucose” as well, for example getting high level after having meal. It is a signal that your body should absorb the glucose until get to the normal level. However, if you have diabetes, then your body cannot produce the insulin (type 1 diabetes) or your body cannot give respond to it (type 2 diabetes). In this point, you might wonder about normal blood sugar for diabetic.

If you have high level of blood sugar for long time, then over the time, it can damage your nerve and blood vessels that can cause heart disease and other health issues as well. If you diagnosed with diabetes, then you doctor might ask you to always track your blood sugar by testing it in your house by utilizing home blood sugar meter. It only need very small blood sample, usually from your finger tip and measuring the glucose level.  Keep in mind that you have to follow the instruction from your doctor is always the best way to use your device.

Your doctor will tell you about when and how you can test your blood sugar level.  Anytime you do it, then you should write down the report or you can use an online tool in apps. You can write down anything related to recent activities, what your last meal is, time of day and other things that can affect whether your record will be a concern for  your doctor. So, you are able to try this relevant information below:

–               What you have ate, when you ate or whether if you were fasting

–               The dosage and medication that you use

–               how intense, how much and what type of exercise that you work for, if any

Those information above will help you and your doctor to see on how you treatment is effectively working as well.

Keep in mind that managing the type 1 and type 2 diabetes in a good way can postpone or even prevent some complications that can affect your nerves, eyes and kidney. Diabetes will multiply your risk of heart disease and stroke. Luckily, controlling your blood sugar level will help these issues less likely as well. Strict blood sugar control, however it means that you can get bigger chance to get low blood sugar level, so that your doctor might recommend you with higher targets as well.

What is normal blood sugar for diabetic?

This glucose level is able to help you managing the diabetes and make you stay healthy. The word of diabetes is often associated with blood sugar. So, in this point, you will know about what exactly blood sugar is and what being included in normal blood sugar level. The blood sugar which is also known as blood glucose is the main source of energy that used by your body to generate all of its function. The blood sugar is so vary every day and can rise up after you are having a meal. When you are eating, your body will break down your food become smaller components that moving through the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that different foods are broke down into different nutrients as well. Such as protein will break down become amino acids and carbohydrate will break down become glucose and fats inside your body will break down become fatty acid, which are basically generate your cells to provide all your body with energy it need. When you have diagnosed with diabetes, then your cells cannot process the glucose, therefore it starts to build up in your blood, as a result cause the high level of blood sugar.

For people with diabetes:

For people who have diabetes usually have higher level compared what is considered as healthy and normal. The less you can control your diabetes, then you will get the bigger chance to keep the high or switching dramatically between the highest to the low level. According to ADA (American Diabetes Association), the level of fasting blood sugar before having meal must be kept between 8p to 130 mg/dL.

For people without diabetes:

Then the level of fasting blood sugar for people without diabetes when first waking up in the morning must be below 100 mg/dL. Before having meal, the normal glucose level must be between (70-99 mg/ dL).

The target of blood sugar level for diabetic (Age 20+)

–               Fasting                         : should be less than 100 mg/dL

–               Before having meal       : should be between 70-130 mg/dL

–               After having meal          : should be less than 180 mg/dL (around 1 to 2 hours)

–               Before taking exercise   : if you take insulin, at least should be 100 mg/dL

–               Bedtime                        : should be between 100-140 mg/dL

If you have diagnosed with diabetes or having reasons to believe that you are having diabetes, then there are several tests which can be done to diagnose or checking your blood glucose. There are several most common tests for diabetic, they are:

Fasting plasma blood sugar test

If you have make appointment to visit your doctor, this is a test that your doctor will be probably scheduled for you. Of course, scheduling is important because of an accurate result is depending on your preparing to get test in advance. First, you have to fast at least 8 hours before test, not allow consuming anything but water. When the blood was taken, your digestive system had ling since digested all of you food. As the result, your blood sugar is on the lowest ebb, provide basic measurement of which is typical for you.

The finger prick

This is very simple test where only need small drop of blood which is pinched up from your fingertip in the certain test strop that can read by glucose meter. This test is used to check the daily house monitoring that your doctor will highly recommended after you have diagnosed with diabetes. This test is fine for daily tracking however it does not offer you precision measurement in order to make a diagnosis that affects your life.

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