Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Non Diabetics

Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Non Diabetics

How are the normal blood sugar levels for non diabetics? Diabetes is basically related to the increase of blood sugar which is over the normal level. For the patients, they may depend on the additional insulin found by injection for the matter of healing process. That’s why; even for normal people, it is important to maintain the blood sugar level so that it doesn’t become excessive. Following is the information of the normal levels of blood sugar for non diabetics.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels Before and After Eating

Once you eat something mainly the foods that are full of carbohydrate, the blood sugar levels can just simply increased. Therefore, it is important to consider the levels before eating. For non diabetic adults, the normal levels should be below 5.7% or around 70-130 mg/ dl. If you are not eating for at least 8 hours, the levels should be below 100 mg/ dl.

After eating, your digestive system breaks the carbohydrate into sugar or glucose that is absorbed by the blood vessels. This substance is essential for the main energy source of your body cells. The blood flows along with the glucose to the cells so that you have more powers to do all the activities. However, this glucose must pass through a ‘door’ to enter those cells. The hormone functioned to open the door is insulin. This hormone is produced by pancreas. If the entrance is successful, the glucose is burnt and the result is so-called energy. The excess of sugar is saved in the liver to be used later. This excess is what to be measured into blood sugar levels.

Of course, the levels right after eating tends to be increased significantly but it is still consider as normal even if they reach 200 mg/ dl. The measurement should be done at least 2 hours after eating to show the normal levels which should still be less than 180 mg/ dl. Before sleeping, it is not bad to measure it one more time in which the normal level is indicated by results of 100 mg/ Dl.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels based on the Sex

Although it is not significantly different, the normal blood sugar levels tend to be different between men and women. It is influenced by the hormonal system that is different as well. For non diabetic men, the levels should be around 70-99 mg/ dl before eating and less than 140 mg/ dl after eating. While for non diabetic women, the levels should be around 70-99 mg/ dl before eating and less than 125 mg/ dl after eating. If the level is above 140 mg/ dl after eating for men and 125 mg/ dl after eating for women, this condition indicates the diabetic symptom. Those measurement indicators are also for the elder people.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels during Pregnancy

For non diabetic pregnant women, the levels of blood sugar tend to be more various commonly between 69 mg/ dl and 75 mg/ dl before eating. After eating, it should be significantly increased between 105 mg/ dl and 108 mg/ dl. Why is pregnant women suggested to be significantly increased their sugar blood levels? It is because of the fact that they must eat more for the infants. Consequently, the sugar blood levels should be more than the non pregnant ones.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Children

It is quite surprising that currently, there are many children below 12 years old who have been suffered from diabetes mellitus. It is indeed caused by the genetic factors. But undeniably, the lifestyle and consumption give significant influences. So, the normal levels for them are as follow. For children around 5 years old, the levels are 100-200 mg/ dl. Then, for children from 5 to 11 years old, the levels are 70-150 mg/ dl before eating and 150-180 mg/ dl after eating. For children of 12 years old or above, they are so-called pre-teenagers; the levels are 70-150 mg/ dl before eating and 150-180 mg/ dl after eating. The pre-teenagers’ sugar blood levels should be indeed less than 180 mg/ dl by considering their daily activities that should be hectic and need more energy.

How to Maintain the Normal Blood Sugar Levels

It is very important to keep the blood sugar levels normal. Once you are diagnosed to be a diabetic patient, it is really difficult to be back into normal. Meanwhile, whether it is too high or too low, it can just give negative effects to your body. When the blood sugar levels are below 70 mg/ dl, there is a possibility to be suffered from Hypoglycemia. On the other hand, for levels above 200 mg/ dl, it is the sign of hyperglycemia.

Here are some effects if your blood sugar levels are too low. Your body is sweaty, weak, extremely tired, pale, hungry, and difficult to concentrate, anxious, easily angry, stiff, and tingling on the area of mouth. Other symptoms are the fast heartbeat and standing up difficultly.

Uniquely, the high sugar blood levels also often give the similar signs to the low one. Here are some signs if your sugar blood is already high and you are near to diabetes. They are easily thirsty, losing weight, appetite increasing, skin dry and darkening, urinating more frequently, blurred vision, and even teeth infection.

So, how is to maintain the normal blood sugar levels? First, check your genetic condition whether there is a family member with diabetes or not. If yes, it means you need to be more careful than the others who are not by not consuming too much sugar and carbohydrate daily. Besides, try to do healthy lifestyle. Aside from consuming good and healthy foods, make sure to move your body often. It is like by doing exercises or just simply walking to your office and working areas. More importantly, manage your stress. Believe it or not, stress tends to worsen whatever your disease risk including diabetes. If it is possible, measure your blood sugar levels regularly to know whether there is any possibility of diabetes or not.

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