Pre Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels Chart

What You Need To Know About Pre Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels Chart

If you want to know anything about pre diabetes blood sugar levels chart, get all the information below. This article gives you clear and brief description about blood sugar level for pre diabetes.

Borderline diabetes

Pre diabetes is also known as borderline diabetes. It refers to metabolic condition, which accompanied with global problem and is close to obesity. In England, pre diabetes grows 1 in 3 adults. Meanwhile, it is predicted that around 7 million people are estimated to have pre diabetes condition in all around UK areas. If people who actually have pre diabetes condition but do not get the right diagnosis or treatment, they can fall into type 2diabetes as a result. Until this moment, type 2 diabetes treatment is not fully reversible. Therefore, it is better to give immediate treatment right after you know that you have pre diabetes condition.

The sign of pre diabetes

To know whether you have pre diabetes condition or not, you can have a look at some of the sign as follow. One characteristic from pre diabetes is the presence of blood glucose level, which is higher than what we can find in the normal condition. Even so, it is not so high that can make it classified into the diabetes condition yet. That is why pre diabetes is often described as gray area; it lies between normal and diabetic levels for its blood sugar.

Since checking the level of blood glucose is not done by many people commonly, there are many cases that people are unaware when they already have pre diabetes condition. Some of the signs of it are feeling tired and hunger even after taking a meal. However, as pre diabetes is only the early form of type 2 diabetes, the symptom is more difficult to recognize. One way to keep your aware from it is by knowing the risk factors.

If you have one or more than the following risk factors, it means that you need a test immediately. First, you are overweight or obese. Second, you have close relative who is having diabetes or previously had diabetes. Third, you have high blood pressure with low HDL or high triglycerides. Fourth, you just have given birth, but your baby weighs for more than 9 pounds. Last, any people who are over the age of 40 is in a must to do the test.

The indication that pre diabetes is present

The test that you can take is test of fasting plasma glucose or oral glucose tolerance test. The first test needs you to have fasting for a number of hours (usually 8 hours and is done in the break of day). Meanwhile, the second one needs you to have a very sugary drink (usually the one with glucose as many as 75 g). Then your blood sugar levels will be measured after a few hours later (usually2 hours) to see how your body responds, related to the intake of glucose in the drink.

Other test for pre diabetes condition is the HbA1c test. It does not calculate the level of blood glucose directly. The result is affected by how low or high the blood glucose levels have inclined to be after 2 until 3 months. Besides that, you can also take random plasma glucose test. In this test, your blood is taken. The blood taking time does not need specified plan and can be done any time.

After doing the test, then you need to study the result. Here is a simple guide to it, however, it is better to ask anything you would like to know to the authorized healthcare provider or the doctor that is responsible for your test. Here are the descriptions of the range to figure out whether your blood sugar level is normal or you have pre diabetes or even have diabetes condition.

Healthy individuals with normal blood sugar level will have 4.0 up to5.4mmol/ L (it is 72 up to 99 mg/dL) when they are fasting. Meanwhile, after eating it should be around 7.8mmol/L (it is 140mg/dL) for two hours after they have a meal. Meanwhile, diabetic people will have 4 up to7 mmol/L before meal and under 9 mmol/L (type 1 diabetes) and 8.5 mmol/ L (diabetes type 2) after they have a meal.

If you have fasting plasma glucose around 5.5 mmol/ L up to 6.9 mmol/ L and HbA1c around 42 up to 47 mmol/ mol (6.0 up to6.4%), then it means that you are positively have pre diabetes. If the result is above it, then you may be diagnosed having type2 diabetes o need to take another test in the future to find further confirmation.

The possibility of stopping pre diabetes

If you are positively having pre diabetes condition, you should not let yourself down. Early identification can give you many options that allows you prevent it to progress and become a full type 2 diabetes. A survey showed that 5% up to 10% of people with pre diabetes  in UK have their body developed it into the type 2 diabetes for each year. Do not forget to compare the numbers with how many people have pre diabetes condition in all UK.

The most important thing you need to do is making changes to your diet and having the right physical exercise for your everyday life. Those suggestions are also in the same line as what is shown by the Diabetes Prevention Program study. Take a good attention to what you have in your diet plan.With those changes, you can return the blood sugar level to normal.

The importance of keeping blood glucose level

Besides pre diabetes, high blood sugar level can also developing for other complications problem. Some of them are stroke, kidney, nerve, retinal, and heart disease. With good control of blood glucose level, you can minimize all the previous disease. Even just small improvement will bring big difference to your body as long as you keep having that small improvement for long period of time. Those are all the information we can share you about the description and explanation of pre diabetes blood sugar levels chart.

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