Recent Health Related Current Events

Recent Health Related Current Events

Eye Exercises Treatment for Eye Disorder

Gadget caused the recent health related current events. How could it be?  Today the use of gadgets seemed to have become a difficult requirement in the release of the daily activities. Many people are using gadgets to simplify the task and the job or to spare times. Without realizing the continuous usage of gadgets can lead to various problems in the eye, such as eye fatigue, red, blurred vision, dry eyes up to mild irritation. Gadgets such as laptop, computer, smartphone, tablets are the main cause of eye disorder or eye disease in this modern era.

Playing games in long time is the major reason why kids today are wearing eyeglasses, and also adults. Some experts argue that playing video games in the long term will create a risk of eye minus or farsightedness for a person, as well as the effects when you are staying in front of the computer in long time. Other effects include eyestrain, blurred vision, until the headache can come when you have fun with the game and forget to rest. The vision problems that caused by video games is because the eyes are no longer focused on a flat surface, but it will continually change the focus. So eyestrain will occur. Eyes tend to be locked into the screen and it can be difficult for the eye to focus on another object for a long time even after the completion of play. In addition, the eyes will also be rare flashes and cause dryness. Work using laptop and computer also can cause the eye disease. Actually, the computer screen or laptop does not cause radiation that is harmful to the eyes. But sometimes you are wrong in placing and arranging the light from the screen. If you often move your laptop or computer, you should place the monitor around 50-60 centimeters from the eye. The illumination of the laptop should not be too bright and should not be too dim. Thus, light laptop should be moderate and there is lighting in the room above the laptop. There are some people who install an ultraviolet exposure deduction on the monitor screen. Actually, the effect is not very optimal. And most importantly is resting your eyes every 20 minutes. The usage of smartphone and tablet brings the recent health related current events. Smartphones and tablets are aplenty in use to read email, short message, internet browsing through to watch the video. From the studies that have been done showed that eyestrain can occur when you look through the small screen in long duration. Generally, people use smart phones and tablet computers at a distance closer than reading a book or newspaper so the eyes become tired more quickly. Enlarge the font size on the gadget and set a distance of approximately 30-40 cm from the eye may help reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue.

Eye exercises can help to strengthen the sense of sight to avoid the use of visual aids. Eye exercises are needed to avoid the use of glasses. In fact, people with eye cylindrical, insufficiency and weak eye muscles can feel the great benefits of eye exercises. Doing eye exercises not only improve vision, but also can reduce the problems caused by eye strain, such as headache. Eye exercises do not require a long time and can be done almost anywhere. Therefore, follow some of the following exercises.

Method 20-20-20

This exercise makes the eyes more focus.  So the eye does not feel tight. To perform this exercise, you just need to simply set the time to do certain things in 20 minutes, for example, look at a particular object for 20 minutes. And for every 20 minutes, do the same thing, and then take 20 seconds to concentrate on other objects within at least 20 feet or about 6 meters from you. This allows the load eyes relax and focus in a short period of time and you can do the activities with the clearer vision.

Rotate the eyes

This exercise can improve the circulation, which also allows the increase in the amount of nutrients and oxygen flow to the area of the eye. According to Chinese Holistic Health Exercises, the eyes exercises can be done while sitting or lying position. Open your eyes and turn clockwise at least 20 times. Blink a few times and then repeat with eyes rotate in the opposite direction.

Focus on the distance

The focus exercise on certain distance can repair and rebuild your vision. After a long time the eye asked to be focus on objects at close range, such as viewing a computer, television, documents or other objects, this is the best time to take a few minutes every day to get out the room to allow the eye to look with a focus on a certain distant objects. You must discover the farthest object that you can see and focus on the object. Allow your eyes to feel the difference and close to the focus distance. This treatment can prevent your eyes become deformed of the eye glasses.

Visibility exercise

This exercise can be done by looking at the near or far object. The goal is to train the muscle of the eye to see the objects that are usually looked blurred. Place the fingers about 15 cm from the nose, focus on the fingers to see clearly for 5 seconds then move the eye on objects at an approximately distance 600 cm for 5 seconds. Repeat these steps and with alternating distances up to 40 times.


Relaxation is one of the eye treatments by sitting in a chair with the arm above the surface of the cushion. Close your eyes with your palm. This treatment can help you to relax and warm your eyes and it can improve the blood circulation to your eyes.

Reading exercise

Reading exercise can help you to isolate and use your eyes to read in a fixed distance. You sit facing a wall calendar at home. Look at the calendar for a moment, close your eyes. Then open your eyes to see the numbers in the calendar. This treatment for the eyes can overcome the recent health related current events connected with gadget.

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