Risk Of Gestational Diabetes Among The Pregnant Women

Know More About The Risk Of Gestational Diabetes Among The Pregnant Women

Health problem among pregnant women in dealing with the high blood sugar level is considered to be gestational diabetes. This problem may arise to the pregnant women when they reach 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. In attempt to reduce the risk of being gestational diabetes, it is strongly recommended that women who want to get pregnant to go and see the doctor to check their health so that it will reduce the serious complications in the future. Since the risks of gestational diabetes greatly affects to both women and baby, it is advisable for you to do earlier treatments.

Understanding about risks of gestational diabetes

1.Having too large baby

When your doctor diagnoses you with gestational diabetes, it is strongly recommended to check the blood sugar level in advance. If you do ignore about it, the risks of gestational diabetes may cause to have large baby (macrosomia) due to excessive insulin production. A macrosomia is engaged with the baby that weighs more than 4kg and this increases the risk of birth trauma – the difficulty when delivering the baby due to bone fracture among the baby and severe bleeding for mother – and shoulder dystocia – baby’s shoulder struck the pelvic when it is born.

2.Premature birth for mother

The risks of gestational diabetes also associates with the premature birth in which the mother delivers the baby before 37 weeks. Premature birth among the gestational diabetes women will result in caesarian and the damage of placenta that connects the baby to mother. This is the reason why a baby is likely to experience high blood sugar level and problem with the growth. To lessen the risk of high blood sugar level, it is strongly suggested to manage the glucose blood sugar with healthier lifestyle.

3.Risk of stillbirth

To surprise you, gestational diabetes among women is also engaged with risk of stillbirth – baby dying shortly after being born. This problem may happen when the pregnancy goes more than 42 weeks so that no wonder if UK pregnant women are offered to have induction date set when the day has not reached 42 weeks. Similar risks of gestational diabetes as mentioned above is also taken place among the women in Wales or Scotland. Do not worry too much, since the risk of having stillbirth is low.

4.Risk of low glucose blood sugar among the babies

The new born baby whose mother has gestational diabetes is more likely to have risks of gestational diabetes of being low blood sugar because the level of insulin is too high. This condition is called neonatal hypoglycaemia that can be treated by direct feeding. If this problem remains untreated, the serious damage of the baby’s brain can lead to the developmental delay.

It is not big surprise for the mother with gestational diabetes gets worried when giving birth due to the risks of gestational diabetes greatly affects to mother and baby. In the other hand, appropriate treatments can be done in attempt to reduce the risk, but it will not be lessened at once. Thus, you have to go for healthier lifestyle and make sure to go and see the doctor for advice.

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