Signs Of Diabetes In 2 Year Old

Do Not Leave Unnoticed The Signs Of Diabetes In 2 Year Old

A surprising study reports that it is estimated around 15,000 children in the world are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in every year. The high number of children with diabetes should raise the parents’ personal awareness of enriching the knowledge in dealing with signs of diabetes in 2 year old.


Common signs of diabetes in 2 year old should the parents remember

When the parents keep a strict eye of the symptoms, the controlled blood sugar level will be managed as it is supposed to be and this will reduce the damage of the organs. Having high blood sugar level means your children are not allowed to play with their mates, but it takes more serious attention for keeping the wellness.

  • Increased urination

One of the signs of diabetes in 2 year old is increased urination that later is called as polyuria. What you need to know about the normal pees person will do per 24 hours ranges from 4 to 7 times. If your peeing habit is beyond that number, it can be concluded that your kids may be diagnosed with serious problem of diabetes. Waking up in the late night also becomes one of the signs you are supposed to aware of. The more you consume the sugary foods, the more often you go peeing.

  • Excessive thirst

When you find your kids drinking a large amount of water during the day and night, it can be said that signs of diabetes in 2 year old should be paid more attention. Water consumption per 4 liter every day will not cause extreme thirst among people with normal blood level, but it is totally different from diabetes that they will easily feel thirsty after drinking more water. As you drink more water, it will cause you to go restroom more often.

  • Extreme hunger

Kids who are diagnosed with diabetes may experience insatiable appetite, so that they are likely to consume both healthy and unhealthy foods to keep them full. As signs of diabetes in 2 year old happen to your kids, it is due to the incapability of the body to regulate the sugar properly. As the time goes by, it leads to the fluctuation of the blood sugar level so that no wonder if the brains stimulate the neuron to feel starving again and again.

  • Unexpected weight loss

Rapid weight loss among the kids becomes the signs of diabetes in 2 year old that parents need to remember. In this regard, the weight loss experienced by the kids ranges from 5 – 10kg per weeks or months. This symptom can be related to the type 1 diabetes among the kids in which the sugar level may shutdown rapidly.

If you notice your kids experience one of these signs of diabetes in 2 year old, you are advisable to meet the doctor for further medication. To check the blood sugar level, the doctor will perform the finger prick test along with HbA1c test to get the overall health condition. As you deal with this signs earlier, you will be able to avoid the permanent symptoms that cause the serious problem.


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