Signs Of Diabetes In Children Under 5

Most Commont 5 Signs Of Diabetes In Children Under 5 All The Paretnts Need To Know

In today’s world, who knows that diabetes also can be found among children under 5 that later will contribute to the raising of the serious problem when it remains untreated. It is said that approximately 30,000 Canadian children suffer from the type 1 diabetes. To surprise you, most children do not have family background of being diabetes, as reported by Dr. Maureen Clement. Dealing with this serious problem, parents should understand about the signs of diabetes in children under 5 for obtaining further medication.

5 frequent signs of diabetes in children under 5 to aware of


  • Unquenchable thirst


When your beloved child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you have to be aware of one of signs of diabetes in children under 5. The unquenchable thirst among kids might indicate that your child has high blood sugar level and the fluid is pulled right from the body tissues. Most kids who experience this problem crave for cold drinks and sweets.


  • Frequent urination


Of signs of diabetes in children under 5, the frequent urination also becomes the major cause of children who have type 1 diabetes. When the children drink a lot of water, they tend to frequently visit the toilet for peeing. As parents, you can notice about this unusual habit of going to washroom for many times. If this condition keeps going on, you are supposed to visit the pediatrician to consult about this problem.


  • Weight loss


When the kid is diagnosed of being type 1 diabetes, you may not notice the underlying reason of losing weight too fast while the other children of his age keeps growing up healthily. Such signs of diabetes in children under 5 are also followed by the fat and muscles loss due to the body is incapable of producing the enough energy. For this reason, it is because of the excessive amount of blood sugar level.


  • Intense hunger


Some other signs of diabetes in children under 5 can be indicated by the intense hunger experienced by your beloved child. This problem is due to the lack of insulin and high sugar to produce the energy. So, when your child’s appetite decreases with no specific reasons, it can be the warning sign of being type 1 diabetes.


  • Blurred vision


As the blood sugar spikes sharply, people who experience signs of diabetes in children under 5 will find their eyesight blurred. Unfortunately, most children do not aware of it and think that it is normal. When they reach adult, this problem is worsened and may lead to incapable of reading the books, so that the help of glasses is tremendously helpful for this matter.

There are so many signs of diabetes in children under 5 that parents should be aware of. With the regular medical check-up to the personal doctor or pediatrician, your kids’ blood sugar level will be monitored. This helps you to avoid the increasing risk of being type 1 diabetes with the most life threatening complications when it is unnoticed for longer period of time.

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