Signs Of Diabetes In Women Over 40

ALARMING: 4 Frequent Signs Of Diabetes In Women Over 40 To Deal With

A metabolic disorder caused by the high blood sugar that makes the insulin less productive in performing its role in digestive system to fuel the body is called diabetes. In dealing with diabetes, it can be said that the glucose obtained from the sugary foods will be processed further and regulated throughout the body to produce the energy. But, it will come to naught when the pancreas is incapable of producing the insulin that plays the big role to stabilize the blood sugar level. Furthermore, when elderly experience of signs of diabetes in women over 40 due to the unstable blood sugar level, it is recommended to pay more careful attention.

In today’s world, the number of people with diabetes grows significantly that women after 40 years old have higher risk of being diabetics due to some factors. This involves the excess weight, genetics, poor lifestyle and high blood sugar.

A research published in Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that during 1971 to 2000, this deadly disease fell among the men, but it turned out to be the highly risked among the women in the future studies. To avoid the negative effects of diabetes, you, esp. woman should understand about signs of diabetes in women over 40.

4 signs of diabetes in women over 40 you need to understand


  • Vaginal infections


One of the most frequent signs of diabetes in women over 40 is about the vaginal infections due to the overgrown of candida fungus in the vagina due to the high level of glucose in the blood. This can be noticed of the soreness, displeasure of pain during sexual intercourse and itching. When you feel any discomforts in your reproduction organ, it is advisable to see the gynecologist for further medication.


  • Urinary infections


If you experience signs of diabetes in women over 40  that deals with urinary infections which is indicated by the burning sensation and pain during urinating, it can be said that you are suffered from diabetes. As you feel this problem, it can be another sign that the problem has spread to the wider organ body such as limbs.


  • Vision problems


Most women over 40 may experience vision problems including the blurry vision to see something. One of signs of diabetes in women over 40  may be accompanied by some other health problems such as ear ache and headache. Experiencing these signs are the strong indication of diabetes among the women over 40.


  • Sexual dysfunction


Some other signs of diabetes in women over 40 such as less sexual drive, difficult to reach orgasm, pain during sexual intercourse and some other problems are supposed to be the main signs that you are suffering from diabetes. In this regard, the high blood sugar level causes any damage of the nerve fibers that makes hands, feet and vagina sensations become numb. You may also feel any tingling sensations in different area of the body.

Most women over 40 are greatly indicated to have high blood level when they experience some signs of diabetes in women over 40 as mentioned above. To deal with it, it is advisable to have regular medical checkup to monitor the blood sugar level. When one of the signs above is found, it is suggested to see the doctor for further medical treatment.

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