Signs You Are Diabetic

Understanding About The Early Signs You Are Diabetic


It has been broadly known among the people across the face of the earth that diabetes is such a life threatening medical problem when you do not aware of the subtle signs until the serious symptoms appear unexpectedly. When diabetes is diagnosed earlier, performing medical treatment as earlier as possible will prevent from any serious complications. This is the reason why people should learn much more about the signs you are diabetic in order to get proper treatment earlier from your personal doctor.


4 most frequent signs you are diabetic


  • Taking more often to bathroom


According to a certified diabetes educator, Melissa Joy Dobbins, RD, it is said that when you are initially diagnosed with diabetes, your body will work less efficiently to deal with the sugar intake per day. This leads to the excessive sugar component in the bloodstream that makes you to go bathroom more frequently, since it will be flushed out in the form of urine. One of these signs you are diabetic also disrupts your sleeping at night and this can be concluded into the initial stage of being diabetic.


  • Being thirstier than ever


As you urinate more often, it can be indicated about the signs you are diabetic. What Dobbins says that people who consume soda, juices, chocolate and any kind of sugary beverages to quench the thirst are likely to have diabetes. For this reason, the sugar component found in those foods and beverages will be packed with the bloodstream that may cause the problem of high blood sugar level is getting worse.


  • Losing the weight with no reason


Shedding some pounds is also considered to be the signs you are diabetic. As stated by the assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Aaron Cypess, MD, weight loss among people with diabetes is due to two factors such as losing a great deal of water by urinating and losing the calories in the form of urine. When you realize about this symptom and learn more to manage the blood sugar, weight gain is possible at the end of the day.


  • Being tired more often


Ongoing fatigue is some other signs you are diabetic that you need to be careful enough. When you experience this problem, it can be said that the nutrition found in the foods you have eaten is not broken down as it is supposed to be. This may lead to the lack of energy that makes you become more tired and sluggish. Among people with type 2 diabetes, this problem may appear slowly and people will come to realize after visiting the doctor and to have medical check-up.

So many signs you are diabetic should be taken into consideration, since this may lead to serious complications when it is not realized soon. Most people will ignore them and think that those signs are something normal. As you have already known about your health condition in dealing with blood sugar level, it is important to go through the healthier lifestyle and paying more careful attention to what you consume in dealing with the nutrition intake per day.


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