The Pre Diabetic Diet Food List to Make You Healthy

The Pre Diabetic Diet Food List to Make You Healthy

​For those who have prediabetes condition, there are many aspects of your life that you need consider. One of them is your diet. Your diet determines the total amount of carbs that will absorbed by the body. General knowledge tells that the higher carbs a diet contains the higher risk of diabetes will come up. To be more cautious, there is a pre diabetic diet food list for prediabetes people need to try and consider.

Regarding to the diet list, there are some principal rules in consuming food for prediabetes. First, keep hydrated and avoid sugary or complementary drinks. Second, stick to the balance portion; sometimes sweetened foods or starchy ones can be consumed in certain portion.  Third, prefer lean meats and choose fats carefully; meats and fats are the richest source of protein and fats. Lastly, put more fibers in your food; fibers can fuel you up that will prevent you from overeating.

Prediabetes Condition

Before going further to the list of healthy pre diabetic diet, it will be better to know what prediabetes condition is. The easiest way to detect prediabetes condition is by taking the tests. There are many types of tests like A1C, OGTT, and FPG tests. The condition most likely runs in a same genetic family. Insulin resists to process glucose in body that will lead to high blood sugar. When this condition is getting acute it can lead to cardiovascular disease.

As insulin and glucose play the key role in this disease, controlling the glucose through the diet is one best way. Excess amount of carbohydrates will push the glucose amount up in your body. The glucose will end up stocking in the bloodstreams due to insulin’s inability to process them. It is called as blood sugar spikes. Since lowering blood sugar levels is difficult for prediabetes patients, avoiding blood sugar spikes is the best way.

This condition covers risk factors such as belly fat, heart disease, high blood pressure, low testosterone for men, polycystic ovary syndrome for women. Weight, physical activities, ethnicity, and age influence most prediabetes. Symptoms of this disease are not salient, but hardly-healed wounds, darkening some parts of skin, and weight changes are mostly known as the symptoms.

To be cautious, you can check your food consumption in glycemic index (GI). The index will rank food based on the carbohydrates. The higher foods are put in the index the more dangerous food to be consumed. Foods in the lower section of index are the suggested food to be consumed. Checking the fiber content in nutrition label cold help revealing the food’s GI ranking.

The List of Right Diet for Prediabetes Condition

The mentioned foods and drinks below are aimed to keep the low and steady blood stream. According to GI value, all foods and drinks in the list are 55 or even lower.

  1. Starches include baked sweet potato and no added sugar whole grains as for example, oatmeal (not the instant ones), whole-grain breads, amaranth, millet, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and quinoa.
  2. Meats include eggs and poultry meats such as chicken, duck, turkey without skin, lean red meats or beefs such as tenderloin, ground round, and flank steak, fish meats such as tuna, cod, mackerel, trout, flounder, halibut, salmon, and haddock, and shellfish such as scallops, crabs, shrimps, and lobsters.
  3. Vegetables include green leaves such as arugula, kale, spinach and others, seeds such as legumes and beans, and other coloured vegetables such as tomatoes, beetroots, eggplants, bell peppers, and others.
  4. Fruits include any fresh and non-canned fruits and fruits that have edible skins.
  5. Drinks include mineral water, no added sugar fruit juices, low-fat milk, non-sugary liqueurs, and unsweetened tea.
  6. Diaries include low-fat yogurt, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese, and skim milk.
  7. Oils include the plant-based ones as for example olive oils, canola oils, and grapeseed oils.

That is the list of right diet for diabetes. Another thing to take concern is the way you process and cook the mentioned foods above. Foods and drinks in the list are the healthy food as nutrition experts suggest, but they can be no longer healthy if the processing way is wrong. Adding more sugar or salts will surely change the nutrition and could make the diabetes severe. So, be careful in maintaining your pre diabetic diet food list.

Other than wrong processing, there are some must be avoided foods for prediabetes patients. They are fried foods such as French fries, fried pork bacon, fried tortillas, sweetened foods and drinks such as cola, soda, fruit punch, preserved jelly and jam, salted food such as canned veggies, pickles and Sauerkraut. Some parts of animal bodies such as ribs and poultry skin also need to be avoided. Do not use saturated fats in processing your food.

Sometimes even healthy food also can be dangerous for those who suffered prediabetes. Honey, Maple Syrup, and Agave nectar are the example of natural foods that really need to be avoided. Energy drinks, and detox smoothies can be a healthy but deadly drinks for this disease. Dried and canned are the wrong ways to consume healthy fruits. Plentiful cereal or granola as the breakfast is also the wrong diet even a green healthy salad with abundant topping can end up as a wrong diet.

Avoiding sugar, salts and fats or keeping them least in your food is one of the way that keep you out of severe diabetes. Other than concerning about the pre diabetic diet food list, maintaining a healthy life style is also crucial. Routine exercises like riding a bicycle, walking, jogging, dancing will keep you in shape and prevent you from obesity that will lead to chronic diabetes. In more specific, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) suggests thirty minutes of exercise every day.

There is no better effort without resistance and persistence. Keep your prediabetes diet food and exercising every day plus maintain your healthy life style. Try to avoid any cheating days to get a best result of your diet.

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