Warning Signs Of Diabetes In Children

Here Are Some Warning Signs Of Diabetes In Children Should Parents Know


For many decades, diabetes is an adult-only health problem which is caused of many reasons including unhealthy lifestyle. As the time goes by, diabetes becomes more familiar among the children that this chronic condition leads to the sugar metabolism which exceeds the normal level.  A study conducted between 2011 – 2012 yields that approximately 23% of children suffer from type 2 diabetes. The underlying cause of children being suffered from diabetes may different from the adults. To deal with it, you have to know about warning signs of diabetes in children.


Understanding about warning signs of diabetes in children


  • Excessive fatigue


Most children who are considered to be active one always experience the fatigue after doing certain activity. Unlike the active children, being excessively tired and sleepy may become the warning signs of diabetes in children that should be taken into consideration. This condition is thought to be the major contribution of children with high blood sugar level. Do medical check-up to the doctor for further confirmation.


  • Increased hunger


We all know that diabetes deals with the insulin production in the body. When your children experience of increased hunger, it can be said that one of these warning signs of diabetes in children indicates the less insulin to produce energy to fuel the body. No wonder if you find your children ask to eat more frequently than before. Such condition is also defined as hyperphagia or polyphagia.


  • Frequent urination


As diagnosed with diabetes, the blood sugar level will not remain constant and the excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream may lead to the frequent urination. This condition can be determined as warning signs of diabetes in children when your children go to restroom for many times. In more serious condition, this leads to disruptive sleeping habits at night. Thus, make sure to be aware enough when your children experience this problem.


  • Changes eyesight


Like adult with high blood sugar level, children who have diabetes also experience the changes of eyesight. Considered as the warning signs of diabetes in children, the high glucose blood level makes the fluid is pulled from the tissues in the body including the eye lenses. Due to this condition, people feel that their sight turns out to be blurred. Unfortunately, children never realize about this problem and they always consider that it is such a normal thing happens to them.


  • Yeast infection


Yeast infection also becomes one of the warning signs of diabetes in children. This can be found when your children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When you are changing diapers and find the rash in it, this can be concluded that your children are having yeast infection. Be so careful enough about this symptom.

Among the children who are diagnosed with diabetes will show many warning signs of diabetes in children as mentioned above. As parents, you have to keep your strict eye on those unusual changes that may lead to serious complications due to the high blood sugar level. If you are not quite sure about these conditions, it is advisable to visit the doctor for confirmation.


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