What Does Pre Diabetic Mean

The Meaning of Pre Diabetic

Nowadays, diabetic is a common disease in all over the world. The people who suffer diabetic increase every year in all countries. That is why we need to check our blood sugar soon to know our condition. If the blood sugar is abnormal, the doctor can diagnose that you have pre diabetic.

Meaning of pre diabetic

What does pre diabetic mean? Pre diabetic is the first diagnosis that the people have an abnormal blood sugar. It means that the blood sugar is higher than the normal standard. However, it is not higher enough to be categorized as diabetes. It is still safe, but it is also dangerous for us if we do not control the blood sugar. It happens because the insulin in the blood is not working well.

Pre diabetic usually is used as a warning sign that they have to keep their life style. The people who get pre diabetic have to reduce the sugar blood up to the normal standard.  They also have to change their life style. If they do not have a good life style, the sugar blood can be increase. It can be worst and they can suffer diabetes type 2.

How the people can suffer pre diabetic

First, they do not control their food. They will eat everything they like. Most of the people, who suffer pre diabetic, usually like eat junk food. They like to eat fast food in a restaurant and less to consume fruits and vegetables. They do not realize that frits and vegetable is good for their body.

Second, they lack of activity. The people who spend their time for sitting on the chair when they work have more risk of pre diabetic. They usually are fat, especially in the stomach area. Their weight always increases because they like to eat many foods and they lack of movement. Therefore, the metabolism system in their body is not good and the blood sugar can increase.

Third, they have parents who suffer diabetes. Many pre diabetic is caused by the diabetes inherit from their parents. Although the people have a good life style, if they have parents who suffer it, they also have possibility to suffer diabetes. However we can control the blood sugar if we know the increasing of blood sugar earlier.

Fourth, they get obese. It is a condition when we have more weight. When our body get obese the insulin in our body will be resistant. It is not good because the insulin could not work properly and it can make the people suffer diabetes.

Who can suffer pre diabetic?

All people in the world have possibility to get pre diabetic. Not only adult, the children also can get pre diabetic. As we know there are so many children snacks contains much sugar. So if their parents do not control it, their children can get pre diabetic. However, most of the people who get pre diabetic are adult. Less than 30 percent of the pre diabetic is happen to the children. So, an adult have higher risk of pre diabetic.

Compare to adult, the children who get pre diabetic is easier to reduce the blood sugar. The children have more activity than adult. They play, study, and do many things every day.  So, the metabolism system in their body will be better. However, the role of the parents is also important. They have to control their food and give more attention to their children.

Symptom of pre diabetic

The symptom of pre diabetic is merely the same as diabetes. We have to realize it start from the beginning before it is going to diabetes. The people who get pre diabetic usually like eat. They eat many food because they feel hungry all the time. In some cases they can reduce their weight although they consume many foods. And then, they also easily feel thirsty all the time. They will drink much water. As the result, they often go to the toilet.

The people who suffer pre diabetic also easily get tired. After they do some activity they can feel more tired than usual. So, the people who have this signs, it is good to check their blood sugar soon.  They can decide what they need to do and prevent it from diabetes.

Prevent pre diabetic to diabetes

There are some ways to prevent diabetes, they are:

–        Consume healthy food. To make a normal blood sugar, the healthy food is needed. We have to consume a balance food every day. It is better to eat more fruit and vegetables. We also need to reduce some drinks or foods which have much sugar.

–        Have a balance diet. It is good for the people who get pre diabetic to have a balance diet. The balance diet can help to reduce the blood sugar and control their weight. They can go to the doctor or to nutritionist to help them to have a balance diet. They will make a food plan for pre diabetic people.

–        Do exercise every day. Exercise is good for our body. Not only for pre diabetic people but for everyone. However, pre diabetic people have to do exercise every day if they can to have a normal blood sugar. By doing an exercise, some substances that is not useful for our body will be dismissed.

–        Check up to the doctor regularly. By going to the doctor, you will know your blood sugar. If it is still high, you have to work harder to reduce the blood sugar. If it is normal, you can keep the healthy life and prevent the increasing of the blood sugar. You can check to the doctor once for six month to control your blood sugar. You also can consult what you need to do to reduce the blood sugar. The doctor will choose the best treatment based on the result of your check up.

Pre diabetic can avoid diabetes type 2 if they can have healthy life style. Therefore do not let the blood sugar higher to prevent diabetes.


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