What Foods Should Diabetics Avoid For Overall Health

Get To Know What Foods Should Diabetics Avoid For Overall Health

When you arrange an appointment with the doctor to have regular medical check-up to make sure your blood sugar stays steady, there will be hundred advices of what dos and don’ts. We all know that diabetes is associated with insulin that causes the glucose in the blood sugar to work and fuel the body. To keep it under the control, you are supposed to consume all the healthy foods with high fiber, best quality carbs and low Glycemix Index score. The question is now about what foods should diabetics avoid since people with diabetes lack about that information.

4 healthy foods in line with what foods should diabetics avoid


  • Restaurant hamburgers


Most people living in modern era love to consume fast foods such as hamburgers. To those with diabetes are strongly opposed to eat this cheese-filled burger since it is laden with a good amount of saturated fat that will increase your cholesterol level. In dealing with what foods should diabetics avoid, as stated by The American Heart Association suggests you to limit the consumption saturated fat to 7% per total calories intake per day to control your blood sugar remains stable.


  • Chinese foods


We all know well that Chinese foods are not good for those with high glucose blood level. It is because this food contains of high fat, high calorie, high carbs and high sodium. When you ignore what foods should diabetics avoid and consume the Chinese foods excessively, you will find you blood sugar increase sharply. The top most of Chinese foods that cause the glucose blood remains under the control is due to the consumption of sour dishes added with sugary sauce, sweet and orange chicken.


  • Energy bars


While some people believe that consuming energy bars will keep you full for longer period of time, it seems to be dangerous among the people with high blood sugar. In line with what foods should diabetics avoid, diabetics are not supposed to eat energy bars in big portion. It is because the high sugars and carbs found in most energy bars that contribute to the high blood sugar. If you really want to eat it, make sure to have low carbs, sugar and fat.


  • Fried foods


It is big no if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and offered some fried foods such as potato chips, fried chicken and the deep fried foods. As these foods are greasy and coated with breading, it will increase your calorie intake. In regard to what foods should diabetics avoid, you have to reduce the consumption of fast foods, because they are soaked in hydrogenated oils which is high in trans fats.

Going through life as normal people with no diabetes might be difficult enough for those who are diagnosed with diabetes. It is because they have to manage the healthy lifestyle including understanding on knowing what foods should diabetics avoid which is quite hard to do for some people. As the time goes by, you will get used to have healthy life and keep away from the unhealthy foods as mentioned above.

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