What Fruits Are Good For Diabetics?

What fruits are good for diabetics?

What fruits are good for diabetics? Diabetes is a sort of metabolic disease for its high sugar blood levels. When you are suffered from this disease, you will find so many problems in consumptions. It is important to be careful and selective in choosing every kind of foods including the fruits. If you choose the right ones, the fruits are able to stabilize your sugar blood or at least they don’t add any level on your body.

On the other hand, if you choose the wrong ones, the effects can be worse. Yes, many fruits are sweet and simply increasing the levels of sugar blood. Of course, those fruits need to be avoided. Well, if it confuses you, here are some kinds of fruits that are beneficial or safe to be consumed by diabetics.


There are some reasons why kiwi is good and safe for diabetics. First, it contains fructose and fiber that are easily digested by your body. Meanwhile, the glycemic level is lower so that it doesn’t increase the sugar blood levels. Second, it also contains a substance namely inositol. This substance is able to help controlling the sugar blood level so that the insulin performance can just be more optimized. Third, kiwi is low fat to control and manage your body weight to be more ideal. Fourth, this fruit is rich of phytonutrient to help protecting the DNA and prevent the damage of oxygen throughout the body. Lastly, it also has high levels of vitamin A and C to fasten the healing process of diabetes in general.


The substances and nutrition in plum are able to change the starch into energy as well as keep the sugar blood level normal. Why? It is because of the low glycemic content in this fruit. Despite being very safe, plum is effective to reduce the urinating frequency particularly at night for diabetics. The calorie contained in this fruit is also very little; only around 2% from 1000 grams. So, you should not worry about gaining weight after consuming a bunch of plums.


This is another fruit with low content of glycemic so that it is so good to lessen the levels of sugar blood. More than that, apple is also rich of pectin. This substance is helpful to control the sugar blood and improve the functions of intestine. The anti-inflammation contained also enables the diabetes patients to relieve much faster. Apple is suggested to be consumed by the patients with wounds or infections. Consuming it regularly tends to make the wound dried more immediately.


Apricot has low glycemic index to help controlling and managing the sugar blood level. Meanwhile, it has a high level of fiber to control the releasing of glucose in the bloodstream. Apricot also improves the body’s ability to respond to the insulin which is essential to control the sugar blood. One more thing, it is enriched by vitamin E that is functioned as the antioxidant and enhancing the immune system. The healing process can just be fastened by consuming this fruit regularly.


Compared to other fruits mentioned above, banana indeed has fewer substances that can improve the conditions of diabetics. But it is still recommended to be consumed for its low glycemic index. Besides, it helps fulfilling the needs of carbohydrate particularly if you are not allowed to consume wheat or rice. Banana is also rich of minerals to control the blood pressure. As additional information, high blood pressure is one of the complications lead by diabetes.


Many kinds of berries including raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, and others contain more than 85% water. Therefore, it is effective to control the blood sugar level. Interestingly, it is also helpful to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, and balance the blood pressure. Those berries are sources of antioxidant to maintain your immune system as well as fasten the healing process. Other benefits are keeping the hair smooth and healthy and solving the cardiovascular problems.


Pineapple is full of nutrition like carbohydrate, vitamin C, and calcium. Those kinds of nutrition indeed don’t give direct impacts to the diabetics. However, it is still safe to be consumed often and the carbohydrate is good for diabetics’ diet programs. Pineapple almost has zero content of cholesterol and saturated fat. When a diabetic consumes it around 15 grams per day, it is helpful to lessen the consumption of carbohydrate so that your condition can be relieved faster.

Star fruit

Similar to the pineapple, the calorie contained in this fruit is very low so that it is safe to be consumed by diabetics. Meanwhile, it is rich of sugar to absorb the glucose and cancel its spreading in the blood. Although the effect is probably not really seen, star fruit is helpful to reduce the sugar blood level and control it. However, if you are the patient of Nephropathy complication, this fruit is better to avoid.


The sweet taste of grapes comes from fructose, a kind of friendly glucose for diabetics. This substance also has an ability to absorb other glucose faster so that your sugar blood levels are under control. There is high level of fiber as a healthy diet material for them particularly who have problems with obesity. Other important substances in grapes are beta carotene, vitamins, antioxidant, polyphenol, and others. Those substances slow down the development of disease in diabetes type 1 and avoid the insulin resistance in diabetes type 2.


Not all mangoes are recommended for the diabetics for sure. It is better not to consume the sweet ones since the glucose is quite high. However, the sour mango is actually really good for diabetes patients. Mango has a high level of polyphenol to reduce the sugar blood levels. Meanwhile, the antioxidant contained is helpful to improve the metabolism system. For diabetics, it fastens the healing process. Other kinds of nutrition in this fruit are vitamin A, C, and B6 to lessen the complications caused by diabetes like hypertension. Mango also has much fiber to help your diet program and control the glucose releasing in the blood.

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