What Is An Insurance Deductible Definition And How Does It Work

Insurance Deductible

Knowing More about Your Insurance Deductible

Understanding about what is an insurance deductible definition and how does it work is very important for you. Whether you are insuring your car or a home, the role of deductible is essential to be known. A deductible is principally the amount which is deducted from the insured loss. It is an important part of the insurance contract. Moreover, deductible represents the share of the risk for both the insurance company and the policyholder. When you are repairing your home or replacing your personal belongings, the deductible amount will be paid from your own pocket. The deductible can be in a form of a certain dollar amount or it can be a percentage of the insurance total amount based on the policy. Typically, the larger the deductible, the smaller the customer pays the premiums for the insurance policy. The amount of deductible can be seen on the front page which is the declaration of standard homeowners and the policies of auto insurance.

This is how the deductible works. If in the contract, you have a $500 dollar deductible, then $500 will be deducted from your claim. This means if your insurance company determines that you get insured loss cost $10,000 then you will receive the claim check for $9,500. The deductible percentage is counted differently. The amount of the money is depended on the percentage of the home’s insured value. For example, if your house has $100,000 insurance and your deductible in your insurance policy has 2%. So $2,000 will be deducted from the amount of your claim reimbursement. At the moment of insurance loss of $10,000, then you should be paid $8,000.

That’s a brief on what is an insurance deductible definition and how does it work. Deductible have been going up in many countries. In the country which is prone of hurricane, in which there is a bigger risk of a major disaster. There will be special deductibles which can be applied for homeowners to get the insurance claim. That’s when the damages are caused by the hurricane. This kind of deductible is usually higher and also takes the percentage of the policy limits. Deductible works differently between deductible for property damage and health insurance policy. In health insurance policy, there is a yearly deductible for the policy. If you have applied for auto or homeowners insurance policy, the deductible is calculated each time you propose the claim. There is a main exception happened in Florida. In Florida, the hurricane deductible is certainly applied for each season rather than for each disaster. The hurricane deductible has spread in benefit of making more private insurance available in the disastrous community with lower price. It means the consumers have more choice. Here are some other essential things you should know beside about on what is an insurance deductible definition and how does it work.

Raising the Deductible is the Best Way to Save Money

There is the best way in saving money on auto or homeowners insurance policy. It is to raise your deductible. For instance, for your auto insurance, you can increase the amount of deductible from $200 to $500. The increasing can reduce collision and also comprehensive of the premium cost by 15% to 30%. Even if you can go up to $1,000 deductible, you can save 40% or more. However, you should remember that if you got a loss, the amount of deductible will be decreased from your insurance claim and you have responsibility for the difference.

Deductibles are Different by Company and by State

Insurance is one of the regulations by the state. The insurance companies have to follow the state rules and laws. Moreover, about the application of the way deductible is cooperated into the policy language and also how the implementation of the deductible. Many states, even, you can find that there is a range of deductible. That’s why when you want to apply or shop for the insurance, you should ask about the deductible. It is important things to do in comparing the policies of each insurance company. For homeowners’ insurance policies, most of the insurance companies offer the minimal $500 deductible. Just like shared before, if you raise the deductible up to $1,000 or even more, you can save more than 20% on the insurance policy cost. That’s what is an insurance deductible definition and how does it work.

Deductibles Do Not Apply to Liability Claims

Generally, there is no deductible for the liability claim of auto or homeowner insurance policy. Moreover, the deductible can be applied for the property damage. Also for auto policy, there is deductible for optional coverage but that’s not for the liability portion. For homeowner policy, deductible can be applied for damage on the structure of the house or personal belongings. However, deductible cannot be applied for medical claim when someone injured in the home.


Flood Insurance Offers a Range of Deductibles

The standard homeowner insurance policies don’t cover the flood.  However, the National Flood Insurance Program and some private insurance companies offer the deductibles. They offer the separate policies for your personal belonging and the structure of your home. It has several of deductible. You can choose a deductible for the structure and another deductible for the home contents. The damage of the car caused by the flood can be covered by the auto insurance policy, but it is optional.

Consider Percentage Deductibles When Purchasing a Home

When you look for a new home, it is important considering the insurance cost. The properties in coastal area or other locations which has higher risk for natural disaster will cost higher too to insure rather than other places. That’s because you have to add different deductible for the damage because of hurricane of earthquake. You should remember that you will pay the insurance as long as you will live in your home. So if you think that you a prospective buyer and you think that you cannot pay for the insurance, then you would be better to consider a different location and different home. Having paid the deductible will be easier when you understand on what is an insurance deductible definition and how does it work.

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