What Is Diabetic Nerve Pain

Symptoms and Treatments: Diabetic Nerve Pain

If you diagnosed with diabetes, then you might experience with shooting, pins and needle pain in your legs, feet or hands. Or even you might experience painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy which is also known as diabetic nerve pain. No wonder that you want to know about what is diabetic nerve pain? It is very common complication in diabetes. The most common cause if poor controlled blood sugar level over the times.

This diabetic nerve pain might need years to develop. In early stage, you might not experience signs at all, then you start to feel numbness or tingling in your feet. Over the times, you might feel a pain in your hand and sometimes being worse in the night time. It means that your nerve might be damaged for a long time before you get more painful symptoms. You should know that nerve damaged cannot be reverse; however controlling and managing your blood sugar can help you to prevent more damage as well. In this point, you have to consult with your doctor if you experience any symptoms related to diabetic nerve pain.

Here, several symptoms of diabetic nerve pain

There are very common symptoms that you should know related to diabetic nerve pain, such as:

–                Burning                        -stinging

–               Shooting                       -tingling

–               Throbbing                     -radiating

–               Numbness                    -stabbing

–               Needles and pins          -sensitivity to the touch

The difference between diabetic nerve pains with other pains

Keep in mind that there are two types of pain, they are nerve pain and muscle pain. Both of these pains are way from your body to tell you that there is something working, however each of them has its own symptoms, causes and management as well.

The muscle pain is a protective pain that caused by more specific things, such as inflammation or injury. The nerve in your injured joint and muscle will send an electric signal to your brain as a result that there is damaged has occurred and activity you were doing cause this damage. So, if you limit or stop these activities, then our muscle pain can heal and better over the time.

Then, the nerve pain is non-protective pain, it can occur when your damaged nerve were injured by disease, such as diabetes. Then your nerve will deliver an additional electrical signal to your brain. It can cause a pain when you do something which is normally does not give you a pain, such as putting on shocks. So diabetic nerve pain becomes a sign that your nerves in your hands or feet were damaged. Keep in mind that this condition cannot be better if you limiting or changing your activity, however this condition can be managed properly.

In other hand, diabetes can cause long term problems in your body, especially if you do not control your blood sugar level effectively and your blood sugar level is still high during many years. Then this condition lead you to get diabetic nerve ain that damage the nerves which send signal from your feet and hands. Almost 50% of diabetics might experience the nerve pain. The nerve damage is also affect on your ability to sleep, lowering your quality life and can cause depression as well.

Several treatments for diabetic nerve pain

As mentioned before that damaged nerves cannot be reversed. However, there are several ways that prevent you of having further serious problems and decrease your pain as well.

Firstly, you should control your blood sugar so that the damaged nerves cannot develop further. You need to talk with your doctor to set up your targeted blood sugar and learn how to control it. Your doctor might recommend you to lower your blood sugar level before having eating until 70 to 130 mg/dL and your blood sugar level less than 180 mg/dL after having meal. You are able to use healthy diet, medication and exercise in order to lower your blood glucose level to the healthier target range. You are able to monitor other health conditions which can worsen your diabetes, such as smoking and obesity. Talk to your doctor about effective ways to stop smoking and lose weight, if possible.


Your doctor might recommend you with over-the-counter pain relieve medications, such as ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen and they are available without any prescription needed but cause with side effects as well. You can take them in low dose for short time in order to control your symptoms. Even you are able to use antidepressants as stronger pain reliever. Although we know that antidepressant used to treat depression, however, they can be prescribed for diabetic nerve because this condition disturb the chemicals in your brain that can cause you can feel the pain.

Get physical therapy

Instead of using medications to heal your pain, there are several physical therapy treatments that you can try, such as swimming can help you to treat diabetic nerve pain. This exercise is one of the most effective ways and only gives you low impact. Keep in mind that high impact exercises can cause your nerve become numb. Ensure that you choose profesional physical therapists who understand about diabetic and neuropathy. He helps you to get exercise through the physical therapy method in order to prevent getting further nerve damage as well. Keep in mind that physical therapy can relieve the diabetic nerve pain, but it cannot cure it.

How to prevent diabetic nerve pain

Controlling and managing your blood sugar level can be used to prevent nerve damage and the best way to prevent the nerve pain as well. Of course, you have to follow your doctor’s advice to get proper exercise, healthy diet and treatments if you have experienced diabetic nerve pain. Keep in mind that diabetic nerve pain does not have any known cures. However, there are many treatments that help you to decrease the pain and discomfort which caused by the diabetic nerve pain. Your doctor will help you to choose one treatment that work best and most appropriate for you. The key is you should manage your blood sugar level in targeted range as your goal.

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