What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes?

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes?

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes? When hearing the word diabetes, it is common for people to assume this disease. Of course, it is sometimes not accurate since diabetes basically has two main types; type 1 and type 2. Those two types can just be varied each other and not be easily predicted. It is suggested to immediately checkup your conditions entirely once you are suffered from the symptoms of diabetes. This way, the type of diabetes you have can be detected.

In general, there are 5 important differences from the types of this disease. Each of them is explained as follow.

Autoimmune Disease and Not

Diabetes is suffered when your body has a problem with insulin. It is the hormone that converts the glucose from foods into energy. Once the insulin is lower than the normal level, the glucose is accumulated in the blood and it causes diabetes.

Both patients of diabetes type 1 and 2 have this problem. However, how this problem occurred is very different. For the patients of diabetes type 1, your body doesn’t produce insulin at all. It is because the type 1 is a kind of autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks and destroys the cells to produce insulin in pancreas. It is not exactly known yet why the patients of diabetes type 1 cannot produce insulin at all. It is predicted that genetic factor plays important role here.

Meanwhile, in diabetes type 2, the body still produces insulin but it is not enough to fulfill the necessities in normal ways. Another possibility is that the insulin is actually normal but the body finds it difficult to use it efficiently. For the second case of diabetes type 2, it is due to the lifestyle and it happens to the most patients of diabetes. Too much sugar and carbohydrate consumptions as well as body that tends to be passive and not moving often become the main reason for this.

The primary risk factor for diabetes type 2 is including obesity. It is particularly if you find too much unhandled belly fat. Besides, if there are family members with this disease, it also increases the risk.

Insulin Treatment and Not

The patients of diabetes type 1 cannot produce insulin by themselves. Consequently, they must do the routine insulin injection or use the insulin pump attached on their body. Well, without this insulin, you cannot survive.

The patients of diabetes type 2, on the other hand, have more alternatives for their medical treatments. Insulin is also often given if the condition is already worse. Even in non-severe conditions, you can be free from any medication as long as you can manage your consumption and activities well. There are some treatments for diabetes type 2 aside from insulin; they are medication, therapy, and instructions to monitor the levels of blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia and Not

Hyperglycemia or high sugar blood level is indeed terrible. But the hypoglycemia or low sugar blood level is also not better. It causes symptoms like weakness, headache, sweat, and even convulsions or faint. In extreme cases, it can cause death.

The hypoglycemia cases are more often to be experienced by the patients of diabetes type 1. It is important to be really careful in measuring how much insulin to be consumed through injection or pump based on daily consumptions and activities. If you find some symptoms of hypoglycemia, you need to put efforts to increase your sugar blood levels immediately. It is like drinking a glass of juice with sugar or eating candies.

Hypoglycemia is rarely experienced by the patients of diabetes type 2. It doesn’t mean that those patients don’t have any possibility at all. Being really careful in consuming insulin is still very important here. Therefore, the sugar blood levels are always in a stable condition, not too high and not too low.

The Risks of Consuming Sweet Foods

Hypoglycemia is more risky for the patients of diabetes type 2. It means there are more chances for them to consume more glucose anyway. Unfortunately, this is commonly not for the patients of diabetes type 2. Yes, the diabetes type 2 patients have more risks of sugar blood level increasing even only eating a bit of something sweet. You are required to be more careful in foods contained of sugar and carbohydrate. More than that, diabetes type 2 has tighter relation to the obesity and weight change. You can gain or lose weight more drastically here.

It is reasonable since diabetes type 2 is related to the lifestyle. Make sure to change it into the healthier one by consuming low sugar foods and do more exercises.

The Ages of Patients

Although the diabetes type 1 can be developed and detected in adults, this disease is most common to be found in children. That’s why, this disease is previously known as juvenile diabetes or diabetes that attacks kids and adolescents. This is actually such a sad fact since many of those children with this diabetes cannot survive longer particularly when they decide to stop the insulin treatment. However, there are also still many other survivals after passing through certain kinds of treatment including undergoing pancreas transplant.

Diabetes type 2, on the other hand, is found when you grow up. The risks are increased for people above 40. At those ages, the metabolism system is slower down. If you have applied bad lifestyle starting from younger age like uncontrolled consumptions, rarely exercising, smoking, and drinking alcohol, the effects may be felt when you are getting older. That’s why; this type of diabetes is detected when you are getting older. There are indeed some cases when children and teenagers are diagnosed with diabetes type 2 but it is quite rarely. The genetic factor plays the main important role here and the possibility of them being totally cured is also much higher.

Whatever it is, make sure to apply healthy lifestyle. If you feel some symptoms of diabetes, just go to checkup immediately. Therefore, it can be known earlier what type of diabetes you have suffered.

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