What To Eat With Gestational Diabetes

Diet For Gestational Diabetes: 4 Foods You Have To Consume For Healthy Pregnancy

The problem on gestational diabetes may cause a wide range of complication to the women during their pregnancy. It is because you lack with the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas, but it can be avoid with the healthful diet plan. In the initial stage, the gestational diabetes may not be diagnosed but it can get worst when you ignore what to eat with gestational diabetes. Thus, you have to pay attention to the foods you eat every day. Remember, that not all foods are good for your health.

Below are what to eat with gestational diabetes for the pregnant mother.

  • Take the complex carbs food

As you are diagnosed with the gestational diabetes, what to eat with gestational diabetes is to monitor the amount of carbs you consume per day. According to The American Diabetes Association, pregnant women who suffer from gestational diabetes are advisable to eat three small foods and two or four snacks every day. In this case, you are not supposed to consume a great deal of snacks or foods with high carbs since it will help you to reduce the blood sugar. Do not forget to combine carbs with protein and healthy fat for daily consumption.

  • Consume the food with low GI score

Being gestational diabetes pregnant women, you are also recommended to know about what to eat with gestational diabetes that the low glycemic index on food is advisable. To deal with it, you have to make sure that the foods have glycemic index of 10 or below so that you can still manage your blood sugar. 100 percent of whole grains cereals, beans, chickpeas, apples, peaches, grapefruit and non-starchy veggies are the best examples of food that is good to consume for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

  • Eat more protein

The main key to keep the blood sugar level among the gestational diabetes is to consume the carbohydrates along with protein or take the carbs with the protein in them. But, it is very good if the gestational diabetes women can reduce the carbs and add more protein-rich foods in their daily meals. For some examples, what to eat with gestational diabetes are eggs, seeds, legumes, fish, nuts, quinoa and beans. Those help you to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes both in women and in baby in the future.

  • Stay away from saturated fats

There are some unsaturated fats contained in the foods as what to eat with gestational diabetes such as avocado, olive oil, sardines, nuts, seeds, chia seeds, tuna and peanut oil. As you consume all the mentioned foods above, you can manage the blood sugar and reduce the complications during delivering the baby such as more bleeding and difficulty in breathing and keeping the blood sugar remains stable in baby.

Low carbs, high protein, less saturated fats and low Glycemic index foods are what to eat with gestational diabetes. It is important to deal with those foods, since they will keep you and your baby stay healthy. But, in some cases, the problem with gestational diabetes may disappear after you deliver the baby. Still, you and your baby need to be checked for the level of blood sugar after giving birth. If the problem still remains in yourself, some medication as directed by the doctor is preferable.

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