What You Should Know About Signs Of Diabetic Nerve Pain?

What you should know about signs of diabetic nerve pain?

Diabetic nerve pain which is also called as diabetic peripheral neuropathy is certain condition which been caused by high blood glucose level in long term period then lead to the nerve damage. Even there are people might not experience any symptom. However for other symptoms might be weaken. This peripheral neuropathy condition is very common form of the diabetic neuropathy that can affect your feet, hands and toes. You can check diabetic nerve pain symptoms below. But, there are people who still do not know that they have diabetes. People who do not recognize their diabetes might not know what causes of unusual sensation that they are having.

Several causes of nerve damage

The nerve damage is a result of high blood sugar level on long period. This is still unclear why high blood sugar level can damage the nerves. There are many factors that might play important role for nerve fiber damage. One of the most possible components is the complicated interaction between your nerves and blood vessels. There are other factors, including of high cholesterol level, blood pressure level and nerve inflammation as well. Peripheral neuropathy typically first happened  on your legs and feet, and might be happened in your hands later.

What are symptoms of diabetic nerve pain?

You feel numbness

One of the most common signs or symptoms this condition is the numbness. Sometimes you might experience like you cannot feel your feet while you are walking. Another time, your feet or hands feel burn or tingle. Or you might feel like you were wearing a glove of sock when you are actually not.

You loss a balance

Walking with an unsteady motion or even you loss a balance can occur because of diabetic nerve pain. You are able to wear orthopedic shoes that can help you with this. You should know that the loss of coordination is also very common symptoms for this condition. Often, the weak muscle can affect your ankle which is also affect on your gait as well. The numbness on your feet also can lead you to get loss balance.

You experience shooting pain

Sometimes, you might experience suddenly sharp pain that you might feel like you have got electrical shock. Another time, you might experience cramps, like when you were holding something. Sometimes, you might accidentally drop something that you are holding as the result of this diabetic nerve pain.

You do not know why you getting a sore

You might see the sores or blisters that occur in your feet that you cannot explain it. It can be that you hurt yourself or you just do not fell it at that time. Sometimes you do not feel that you’ve got injury or pain because of this nerve damage condition. So, it can be so dangerous as well. For example, you are able to blister yourself because of you are unable to feel the pain response toward the heat. This condition should be talked with your doctor as soon as possible.

There is something wrong with your foot

When you are figure out that your foot start begin to look defective. Then this is a result of exceptional shift of weight which is caused by losing the nerve function and abnormally walking that can affect your muscles as well. One type of defective was known as hammertoe that happens when one of three toes between your big toe and smaller toes become defective at the join.

The pain might affect your sleep

Peripheral neuropathy is sometimes getting worse at night. You might feel so much hurt so that your sheet feels so heavy or painful as well. This thing can make you feel difficult to fall asleep or sleep at the night.

Hot and cold

Sometimes peripheral neuropathy also can cause excessive sensation. Holding a cup of warm coffee might make you feel so hot. It might feel so painful when someone with cold hands touching you. Or even your hands and feet might feel hot or cold without any clear reasons.

You must be able to manage your condition and always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider to get proper medication based on your condition. You should limit the alcohol consumption and stay away from tobacco if you have diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. These substances can worse your symptoms. A good nutrition is essential, because of lack of vitamin can worse your condition. For those who using metformin should consult with their doctor related to vitamin B12 supplement. Keep in mind that uncontrolled wounds can cause infection that sometimes can spread down to the bones an infection on your bone can lead to amputation of toes and feet as well. Ensure that you always see your doctor.

Treatment options:

You can start with blood sugar

If you have diabetic nerve pain, then you have to consult with your doctor about on how to manage your blood sugar level. It means that you might need to take insulin. After you are doing anything that you can, then keeping your blood sugar level in check, including of exercise, diet plan and medication. Ask your doctor about which pain treatment can be your best relieve to sooth the rest of other symptoms. Of course, there are several medications that can soothe this nerve pain and help you to be functioned in normal level. However, you might try some different types before you start to find out the best one.

OTC (Over the Counter) for pain relievers

There are many people might find a help from drugstore. Common pain relievers and several skin creams can help you as well. However, this is also depending on how severe your pain is. You have to consult with your doctor before you can take any product. Even OTC medications can interact with other medications that can get you more severe side effects. You can use NSAID to reduce inflammation and ease your pain. They are available without any prescription such as ibuprofen and aspirin. However, these NSAIDs can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack, especially when it consumed in high dose.


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