Worst Fruits For Diabetics

Are You Diabetic? These Worst Fruits For Diabetics Should Be Cut Down In Number

When you are already diagnosed or have been diabetics for many years, there are so many restrictions that put you into stressful condition. In this case, you need to figure out the foods you have to consume every day in hope to prevent the diabetes gets worsening. We all know that all the fresh fruits and vegetables are good source for micro and macro nutrients that you need to obtain the energy from them. But, if you are diabetic, there are some worst fruits for diabetics should keep away from, unless your glucose blood will keep unsteady.

What you have to deal with, you need to understand the glycemic index possessed by all the fruits. It can be done by measuring the carbs content in the fruits that can raise the blood sugar. When the fruits have low glycemic index, they are quite safe to consume in moderate level and vice versa.

3 worst fruits for diabetics as stated by some nutritionist to set aside.  


  • Dates


Cited from the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition, it is said that dried dates contain of high glycemic index of 42. In dealing with worst fruits for diabetics, you have to take a control of consuming this super-sweet fruits in term of its carbohydrate content not more than 15 gram per servings. For that reason, it is recommended to consume the juicy fruits in moderate rather than the concentrated fruits with high carbs and calories that potentially raise the blood sugar among the diabetics.


  • Raisins


In line with worst fruits for diabetics, you are also advised to stay away from raisins, since it contains of high clycemic index of 28. As quoted from Livestrong, compared from juicer variety of fruits, raisins are thought to have high sugar, carbs and calories, because they have natural concentrated sugar with low water. Just consider to add up raisins on your kitchen table if you really have diabetes. We surely know that you never want to have high blood sugar in your body, right?


  • Sultanas


Have you ever heard about sultanas? A kind of golden dried grapes is reported to have hight glycemic index of 25. For people with diabetes, this fruit is not healthier since it gives the bad impact on the rising blood sugar. As stated by the Livestrong, one of the worst fruits for diabetics contains as much as other carbs source. If you really want to eat sultanas, it is advisable to eat only one sultana because they have small in size. Remember about the portion, do not overeat!

People with diabetes should be aware of the consumption of the fruits since not all fruits are good for the health. Worst fruits for diabetics contains of high Glycemic Index and carbs that is the major cause of rising blood sugar in the body. Some of the best examples of worst fruits for diabetics are raisins, dates and sultanas. All these fruits will promote the bad impact among the diabetics, so make sure to consume in moderate unless you want to live healthy.


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